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16/17 All Premier League Team

Premier League Game

So here is my final analysis and how I got to my final squad. Here is another look at the British team and International team.

Let’s start by looking at the two squads and examining them for depth:

GK definite win for the International team, both are better than the British two. 1:0

CB Slight edge to the Internationals. While Alderweireld and Koscielny are slightly better than Smalling and Keane due to their experience, Stones and Mustafi have different strengths but are basically equal: Stones has better build up play and is more reliable; Mustafi is tougher, a better tackler and a better header. 2:0

RB/LB Clear win for the British team as they have three specialists compared to a pulled back Winger (Willian) and an all-rounder (Blind). 2:1

DM outright win for the internationals – the British teams had no top quality DMs who made it to the final squad. 3:1

LM the two more experienced players from either team make it to the final squad. The British team has a higher quantity of talent but Sanchez has been THE standout player at the position, just look at the figures. 4:1

OM this is a really difficult one. If you put them in order it would look like this: Alli, Özil, Coutinho, Barkley. 1+4 = 5, 2+3 = 5 even. While Alli is the best of the 4, especially this year, for the overall position group i’m going to call it even. 5:2

RM Willian and Sane beat Lallana. 6:2

ST while this is a close one again, similar to OM, if you are only picking one of the two (Kane and Lukaku both had great campaigns and finished 1st and 2nd in the list) the British team wins, but for depth it has to be the International one. While Rashford has great potential Aguero is far superior. 7:2

So in terms of Squad depth the Internationals clearly win 7:2, this will be reflected in putting the final Team together. Before that I want to have a quick look at how the teams compare if they were playing each other (one note: I mixed up Clyne and Bertrand on the picture):

GK+CB vs STs Kane is the best striker in the League and Rashford is a strong supporting striker against De Gea and Koscielny this would be a win for the internationals. 0:1

LB vs RM with his experience and range of skills Blind wins this battle. 1:1

RB vs LM with his speed, power, determination and nose to be in the right place Vardy wins. 1:2

DM vs OM best defensive midfielder of the League vs best offensive midfielder. Easy draw. 2:3

8 vs CB/6 while they each have their qualities, in a 1-on-1 Pogba overpowers Stones. 3:3

OM vs RB if it were just play over the right defensive side this would go to Clyne because he could shut down Özil with his strength and speed, but Özil drags him into the centre where it becomes Clyne+Stones vs Özil+Pogba. Based on that 4:3 

RM vs LB Bertrand’s experience vs Sane’s youth and creativity, draw. 5:4

STs vs CBs+GK this is possibly the easiest one. No one on the british side wins their match-up 6:4.

While the British team improve by 1 point, the International team is still a clear winner in a 1-on-1 comparison. The attacks beat the defences but the British defence is stronger. It would be a shootout to see who ends up on top.

All Premier League Team

So, who makes it into the final squad and line-up:


GK easy, the international goalkeepers are a class above the british.


LB while Blind is a great all rounder, the specialist (Bertrand) has to get the spot. Walker is the backup on both sides.

CB the two experienced Internationals get the call at CB, which means that Mustafi is out. The experienced Smalling gets the call as back up no.1 and the young Stones gets the second backup spot because, while I prefer Keane he is a similar type to the other CBs and Stones gives them something new.

RB Clyne is the specialist who gets the no.1 spot. Walker is a great backup here too, but if he has to go over to the left Willian is there as a backup.


DM no competition here for the two guys.

LM Sanchez is one of the best players of the season, Vardy is amazing at the position and Sterling, while talented, complains too much if it doesn’t go his way.

OM as explained previously Alli and Özil are the clear no.1 and 2. Alli has had the clearly better season though.

RM I keep Sane as the no.1. Willian can also take the position but is also there as a backup RWB and Lallana becomes a backup on the wing.


ST take the top 3 strikers, not a difficult decision, although I think Aguero would be better on the right wing similar to how Messi plays in Barcelona.

To make it a full 23 person squad I would add Pickford as the third goalie and Keane for the defence. I would also swap Lallana for Rashford to have 3 strikers and let Aguero play as a right forward, making Lallana not a fit while Sane and Willian still are. This would also balance the squad making it 10 U24 players, 11 26-28 year olds and 2 (exceptional) 30+ players.

If I were to rethink it and play this team as one who would win championships, I would play it as a 4-3-2-1 with Pogba coming in for Sane to secure the Midfield as a middle 3. Then Sanchez and Aguero supporting Kane.

And that is my final All Premier League Team for the Season. Let me know what you think.

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