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Pumpkin Soup

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Pumpkin starts invading and taking over my kitchen towards the end of the year when it’s fresh off the fields. My girlfriend and I absolutely love it, although we always argue about who makes the better soup. She likes to add a little bit of apple and some tomato puree, feel free to try it, it’s really nice. Further options include adding curry, oven roasting the pumpkin or adding coconut milk / cream (similar to the soup I will post tomorrow).


Pumpkin (/ optionally add chopped potato to boil) chop and put on to boil with water and your choice of stock (oxo cube is fine). At the same time prepare the rest of the veg. Keep a little bit of pumpkin to put in the pot…

Onion / Carrot / Leek chop up finely…

Garlic crush and chop up finely.

Butter or your choice of Oil warm up in a pot large enough for all your soup. 

optional Garnish

  1. add garlic and onion to the pan with butter/oil at full heat and let the onion go translucent but not brown.
  2. mix in the carrot, reduce heat and let soften for a couple of minutes.
  3. add leek and the little bit of pumpkin you’ve kept, mix in and let soften.
  4. add pot of boiled pumpkin including the water.
  5. leave to settle for a couple of minutes so the tastes join together.
  6. blend while still warm.
  7. enjoy as is or garnish with some cream or cheese (a softer cheese than with the broccoli soup is advisable, I love pecorino for this dish) and some chilli (dried or fresh).

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