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Seahawks signed to other teams

this post will be about my predictions for the 53 man roster relating to those that were cut. The biggest medial upset was the cut of Kasen Williams, but while he played a very good preseason you look at the five guys who were kept and see a very balanced and strong group nonetheless. the only bad decision was not to capitalise on his preseason hurrah and trade him.

Rubin was another big surprise, but dampened due to the introduction of richardson. The Collins cut was expected, as were the other guys who have yet to find teams (besides Morgan). Of those who have found new teams I have to say that there weren’t any big surprises when you really consider it, although the last three were top guys who I would have liked to have seen make the squad. The Desir decision is something I had, unfortunately, though would happen but I still believe is the wrong decision.

So lets look at who got cut:

cut and no new team:

FB (1) Reece

WR (3) Smith Rogers Lawler

OL (1) Brown

DL (3) Rubin Harris Milhouse

LB (4) Morgan Palacio Butler Peters

CB (1) McCray

of these guys Reece Rubin and Morgan  were big surprises, but in hindsight I can understand the thinking behind Reece (preferred to keep a younger Madden who played a good preseason and is cheaper) as well as Rubin (saving on salary cap). I don’t think these two should have a problem finding a team in the new season. Less understandable for me is the cut of Morgan, whether that had something to do with him not immediately extending his contract i do not know. However, he is good enough to also find a new team. I have mentioned in previous posts that I still think Lawler could pack on some more muscle, but give him a year and I think he could be ready to play a role in the NFL. If a team is willing to invest that time he should find a place on a PS.


cut and new team:

RB Collins -> Ravens – decent back up player, but just didn’t put anything special on the field in the offseason and the competition was too strong.

WR Williams -> Browns – perhaps the surprise of the Seahawks offseason cuts. should make a big impact and be a real help for Kizer if he carries on playing like he did in the preseason

OL Pericack -> Bills (PS) – a solid backup and I think that the Seahawks would have signed him onto the PS themselves if he hadn’t gone.

DL Marsh -> Patriots – played in the opening game and I believe that he is a solid guy and a big addition for special teams, but I can understand the thinking behind letting him go, because he just causes too many flags.

DL Jefferson -> Rams – disruptive guy who can be a strong addition to a good DL. If he manages to stay fit you could say the Seahawks may regret it, HOWEVER they have such a strong position group there comprising of talented and established guys, that this was also understandable.

CB Desir -> Colts – I was pretty upset with this one because I felt that he played a really strong preseason and is generally a really good fit. I would have preferred him to lane or thorpe, but in the end I don’t decide unfortunately.


cut and signed to Seahawks PS:

QB Boykin

RB Davis

TE Swoops

WR Greyson

WR Moore

OL Hunt

CB Tyson

I will do a separate blog post about the practice squad.


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