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Seahawks 53 man roster 2017

were there a lot of surprises or massive upsets? not really. this post will focus on those guys that were kept and compare it to my predictions, I have already done a blog post about the ones that were cut and will do one on the practice squad guys soon. So let’s have a look at the potential starters:

Starters Backups

QB (2) Wilson Davis

Wilson as the no.1 was without a shadow of a doubt, but upon first reading I was a bit upset about Davis being kept because I would never trust him to lead a game winning drive. Boykin, while having off the field issues, is far more reliable when it comes to football. Nonetheless, it made sense in the end because they signed him to the practice squad keeping all three.

RB/FB (6) Rawls Lacy Prosise Carson McKissic Madden(FB)

This group was pretty easy to guess, although I had thought that they would keep Davis on the squad and Madden on the practice squad, with Reece being let go and Madden able to take the role of FB this switch made sense. In Carson they have a premier backup who could be a starter by the end of the season, especially with three injury prone guys in front of him. McKissic flashed great speed out of the backfield and can be seen both as a backup to Prosise and Lockett (in the return game).

TE (3) Graham Willson Vannett

this group wasn’t hard to predict because the Seahawks didn’t really try out too much. There was one point where I thought Swoops might take Vannett’s spot, but I think Vannett’s versatility with blocking and catching is a big plus. Swoops to the practice squad was a great move.

WR (5) Baldwin Richardson Lockett McEvoy Darboh

no surprise with the first three they were always gonna be locks. McEvoy is a personal favourite of mine because of his composure and big play potential. He is always a deep threat and can go above a lot of people in the endzone with his 6’6″. In Darboh they have completed the mix with a tough rookie who could come in and make some plays similar to how McEvoy was used last year. a lot of people were shocked about the Williams cut, but he wouldn’t have a place in this group.


OL (10) Odhiambo Tobin Joeckel Roos Britt Pocic Glowinski Aboushi Ifedi Battle

I was also pretty happy to have guessed this group, but to be fair there were no big surprises here either. I thought Roos would end up in the PS and Hunt in the 53, but with Pocic’s versatility to fill in at centre and in other spots, the swap made perfect sense. The acquisition of Battle was also a nice move.

DL (7) Bennett Bass Avril Clark Richardson Smith II  Reed Jones

The depth in this group led to two surprises in Rubin and Marsh leaving. Nonetheless, the remaining group still has plenty of skill and flashed it plenty in the preseason. Jones stood out continually while Bass and Smith were particularly good in the last game against the Raiders.

LB (6) Wagner Wright Garvin Alexander Wilhoite McDonald 

Well there is no way past Wagner and Wright, who may be the best LB tandem in the NFL. Garvin has his foot in as first look for the third LB spot while Wilhoite recovers and then looks to factor in as backup for all three spots. Alexander is a ST pro.

CB (5) Sherman Lane Griffin Coleman Thorpe

Sherman and Lane look to be the current starters with Griffin coming in on the outside for nickel packages. The less said about Lane the better because I am not a fan of his after last season. Coleman looks to be a good addition and I hope he gets some game time. Thorpe probably got in on ST impact, otherwise I would have seen Desir clearly ahead of him.

S (5) Thomas III Chancellor McDougald Thompson Hill

this group was easy too ETIII and Kam were set, McDougald can relieve them both a little OR I still think he could factor in for the inside spot in nickel packages. Thompson and Hill both left a decent impression in preseason and the Seahawks will look to develop them behind the established pro-bowlers.

ST (3) Walsh Ryan Ott

this group was set before the cut.

Provided everyone stays fit this team looks really scary. On offence they have potentially one of the best modern QBs, with a backfield that is strong in all aspects. The OL look like it is growing together and was giving Wilson a lot more time in the preseason. Leaps from last year where they, nonetheless, got way into the playoffs. The WR and TE groups are also flashy with Baldwin one of the continually most underrated threats, but he is so consistent. Graham and Wilson gelling more could also spell disaster for teams.

On the D you just have to wonder how there could be any better D. The starting lineup on D looks like this:

Avril Reed Richardson Bennett

Wright Wagner Garvin

Sherman Thomas III Chancellor Lane 

8 out of 11 players here have been pro bowlers, all in the last three years! Bennett is one of the top five, most highly regarded, pass rushers in the league. Wagner led the league in tackles and was perhaps the best LB last season. Sherman gets mentioned year in and out as one of the best CBs in the league, even on a down year battling with injuries like 2016. ETIII and Bam Bam Kam get similar accolades for their positions and inspire the next generation of players.

if everyone stays fit, it is hard to see how they wouldn’t go far…why not even to the superbowl…


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