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Vidal to Inter?

a rumor that keeps popping up since last summer is the move of Arturo Vidal from Bayern Munich to one of the Milan clubs. i seem to get the feeling that Inter is the one that gets named more often.

my opinion: why not?! and the reason:

  • bloated midfield: even if you don’t consider Thiago, James or Müller, then Bayern has 4 players for 1.5 spots. getting rid of Vidal would increase playing time for Rudy and Tolisso in the .5 spot (Rudy for a more holding role or as backup for Martinez and Tolisso for a more aggressive option).
  • negative vibes: if he doesn’t get his way he gets stressed out on and off the pitch causing a negative mood. he gets carded way too easily and just doesn’t think about what he is doing.
  • squad: once sold, the money could be invested into other parts of the squad. the main priority should be a striker, but another young CB or wingers should also be a mid term priority.

one of these could be filled needs could be met by doing a trade with Inter. trading Vidal for 22-year old CB talent Skriniar plus cash would be a great move, especially when Hummels and Boateng often get injured or need breaks. i have seen some tape on the young Slovak and while being physically imposing he is also an uncompromising tackler and can contribute goals from set pieces.

the rest of the cash could be used to buy a top young striker or winger that can also act as a backup for Lewandowski.

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