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Mushrooms (most kinds)

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Mushrooms are one of those things that I love to eat as pure as possible. I do like them in a cream sauce for pasta sometimes, but the best way is just fried in butter with a bit of garlic. To make it a meal though you have to add a little something. They are great in a salad, but the thing you have to be careful about is adding acidic flavours like fresh cherry tomatos because they can cover the taste of the mushrooms.

What tastes great though is earthy or peppery flavours like sweet potatos and rocket salad. Also great, if you are going for a simpler option, is serving it with some scrambled or fried egg and parsley. Just make sure you have very subtle flavours so as not to distract from the main event.

Which leads me to my next point. I have heard people say that mushrooms all taste the same. If they do, then either you’re a very bad cook or you’ve eaten it made by people who can’t cook. While the difference in taste can be enhanced through the individual way in which you cook it, the texture of each alone can make a big difference. For a little insight read this great article by Amy M. Fox, RN-BSN (Owner of Fox Farm & Forage LLC).

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