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Fantasy team: 2023 NFL Draft: Day 2 Strategy

So its still a bit painful that I pulled the trigger way too early on Will Levis and I might have found out why. According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen there is more to the toe injury that bothered Will Levis last year than meets the eye and he may have to miss more time than I anticipated, perhaps even needing surgery…so basically everything I wanted to avoid with Hooker. That is the unfortunate situation when you don’t have access to the medical records like the NFL teams.

Nonetheless! we go on and are now firmly in Day 2 territory.My picks are:

2.42, 2.49


The players I would like to draft (in the correct order) are:

  • TE Darnell Washington – he is just a unique player that is essentially an OLineman with better movement skills and soft hands. Really like his character too.
  • iOL Cody Mauch – If Washington is no longer available it’s just meant to be and I would select Cody Mauch.
  • LB Drew Sanders – can play off the edge, high motor guy and a playmaker who is still developing at the position. As I mentioned before, with him and Simpson in the draft i felt ok about not picking nolan smith.
  • LB Trenton Simpson – Trenton simpson is a guy I would pick if Drew Sanders goes off the board before I get him. Plays big and fast, weakside LB who can rush off the edge too.
  • WR Marvin Mims Jr – I feel like he is a special player especially when it comes to concentration and body control, both of which are very important at the next level.
  • Should all of these players already be gone when I get to 3.70 there are three other players who I would consider: DE Yaya Diaby, CB Darius Rush, S Sydney Brown

If I miss out on Washington I would be looking to add TE on Day 3, probably Payne Durham who I really like. For me there is no alternative on day 2.

If there are still a lot of my players available for my pick 2.49, I could see myself moving down a little to pick up some extra picks.

The draft is about to start and I need to head to bed, so I will watch it tomorrow and as per usual not look at any news beforehand to make the draft as real as possible.

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