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Fantasy Team: 2023 NFL Draft: Day 2

I am finally getting round to watching ad doing my write up for Day 2. Day 3 has already started, so after I have watched Day 2 I will go straight into Day 3.

I have slept on what I wrote up about Day 2 and I have some adjustments to make. As much as I love Darnell Washington, I saw how much Will Levis fell due to his injury. Therefore I shouldn’t be too high on my evaluation of a player when he is healthy. Instead of picking him up early I am going to see how day 2 goes and pick him on Day 3. Instead what I am going to do is what I would have done instead of picking Levis: trading down and accumulating picks. I have the drafttek chart up and will see what I can do depending on what players are still on the board.

My thoughts on what to draft: An offensive playmaker end of RD2 and then my defensive players with Washington in that mix.

My picks to start the draft (By the end I would like to have 5, possibly 6):

2.42, 2.49


Now for watching (I will not be commenting on everyone, just the guys who I analysed in a bit more detail):

2.32 Steelers select CB Joey Porter Jr

Adding a legacy. Love to see it.

2.33 Cardinals TRADE Titans select Will Levis

Finally my guy gets picked! Love to see a team aggressively move up for him. Here he can sit a year behind Tannehill and then take over 2024.

2.34 Lions select TE Sam Laporta

Replacement to Hockensen, let’s see if he can be just as good.

2.35 Colts TRADE Raiders select TE Michael Mayer

Replacement to Waller, different player but he could be a solid addition.

2.36 Rams select iOL Steve Avila

2.37 Seahawks select EDGE Derick Hall

The Seahawks keep loading up the team. Love what they have done so far and feel like they are having another great draft after last year.

2.38 Colts TRADE Falcons select OL Matthew Bergeron

A guy I liked at the Draft, can play inside and outside.

2.39 Panthers select WR Jonathan Mingo

Really liked this guy when he is playing, physicality and size, but I am not 100% sure if he can take the next step in the NFL.

2.40 Saints select EDGE Isaiah Foskey

2.41 Cardinals select EDGE BJ Ojulari

Some TEs went off the board but there hasn’t been a rush on Washington, which just goes to prove what I was thinking. Some Edges coming off the board too, but there are still two of my guys on the board.

2.42 ME TRADE Chicago

2.42, 6.180, 7.235 > 2.61, 3.64

I want to accumulate draft picks on this day 2 because there are a lot of guys who I like. So I add one pick here. Maybe Cody Mauch falls to me at 2.49 or a WR…

2.42 Packers select TE Luke Musgrave

Another TE thats not Washington…my worries about Washington grows a bit. Maybe I will drop him in my priorities a little more.

2.43 Jets select iOL Joe Tippman

2.44 Colts select CB Julius Brents

2.45 Packers TRADE Lions select DB Brian Branch

2.46 Patriots select EDGE Keion White

Of course the Patriots select the best available and explosive versatile defender, they will do well with him.

2.47 Commanders select CB Jartavius Martin

I will be so excited to see how he does in the NFL. I really like how he played, but I have no need there in my team.

2.48 Buccaneers select OL Cody Mauch

NOOOOOOOOOO so close he almost fell to me. I really like his personality, his nastiness on the pitch and I believe that he has Pro Bowl level talent on the inside. He could also play on the outside, but he would have been a luxury pick because I am happy with my OLine so in a way it is good that he is not available anymore because it leaves me free to trade down with my pick.

2.49 ME TRADE Denver

2.49 and 4.120 > 3.67 and 3.68

There are still a lot of WRs left that I like so I am not going to let myself be rushed into a pick, there are also still a lot of players who I like so by moving back I can pick up multiple guys.

2.49 Pittsburgh select DT Keeanu Benton

Liked this guy as an inside/outside player on the DLine.

2.50 Packers select WR Jayden Reed

2.51 Dolphins select CB Cam Smith

2.52 Seahawks select RB Zach Charbonnet

Hard nosed guy who finishes runs and has great character. Great combo with Kenneth Walker.

2.53 Chicago selects DT Gervon Dexter Sr

2.54 Chargers select EDGE Tuli Tuipulotu

2.55 Chiefs select WR Rashee Rice

2.56 Jaguars TRADE Bears select DB Tyrique Stevenson

2.57 Giants select C John Michael Schmitz

2.58 Cowboys select TE Luke Schoonmaker

Washington keeps falling! I still have Durham who I like as well so I am happy that I made the decision I should have made on Day 1.

2.59 Bills select OL O’Cyrus Torrence

Great value pick here, I saw a couple of drafts who had him in the first round.

2.60 Bengals select CB DJ Turner II

2.61 ME WR Marvin Mims Jr

I am not going to push my luck anymore with several WRs and TEs already having been selected I pick a WR for my team. He can make athletic catches and has great concentration, two very important traits for a receiver in my opinion. He isn’t huge and his hands could be a bit bigger, but I like him at this point in the draft.

2.61 Jaguars select TE Brenton Strange

With every pick of a TE over Washington I am more concerned about if there is more to his injury than I know.

2.62 Eagles TRADE Texans iOL Juice Scruggs

2.63 Lions TRADE Broncos select WR Marvin Mims Jr

He goes to team up with Russel Wilson. I’m hoping that ends up being a good combo, at least it should give him the opportunity to be successful.

3.64 ME select LB/EDGE Drew Sanders

Time to add players who I really like, Sanders was rated as high as the 1st round, but has ended up dropping this far. Possibly due to his relative lack of experience, but I believe that he could be a star in the league off the edge, maybe in the center with more experience. Really happy that he is still there.

3.64 Bears select DT Zacch Pickens

3.65 Eagles select OT Tyler Steen

3.66 Eagles select S Sydney Brown

One of my guys goes off the board. He is a guy with the right character but he is a little undersized. I was hoping he would drop to the 4th round, but no such luck.

3.67 ME LB/EDGE Trenton Simpson

ANOTHER one of my guys is still available. At this point it isn’t a position of need, but he is just too good to pass up here. I think he can be a playmaker on the EDGE or as a LB. I have 2 picks left and I still have Washington and optional players Diaby and Rush on my list of players to get. If none is off the board by the time my next pick comes around I will try to trade down to pick up a fourth rounder which I am currently missing.

3.67 Broncos select Drew Sanders

This is a cool team for him to go to I have said what I think of him above.

3.68 ME TRADE Packers

3.68 > 3.78 and 4.116

I get that fourth rounder back which makes me feel a bit better. If I get to 3.70 and my guys are still available I will try to trade down with that too.

3.68 Lions select QB Hendon Hooker

I have to admit that in the rush of things I completely forgot that he was still on the board. Getting him here is a lot of value.

3.69 Texans select WR Tank Dell

I really liked this guy. Plays tough for his size. Great acceleration and movement. Great route running but got pushed around a bit. I thought he was more of a 4th rounder.

3.70 ME TRADE Colts

3.70 and 7.255 > 3.79 and 4.110

I drop almost another 10 spots on this pick to grab another 4th rounder. I think that is it for me trading down now. I will hope that 2 out of my three guys are still available when I get to my third round picks and then I am just going to go for it.

3.70 Raiders select DT Byron Young

3.71 Saints select RB Kendre Miller

3.72 Cardinals select CB Garrett Williams

3.73 Giants select WR Jalin Hyatt

He really dropped. Maybe because he is a bit small. But a very solid player with great speed.

3.74 Browns select WR Cedric Tillman

Good player with big hands and big body, injury concerns took him out of contention for me.

3.75 Falcons select EDGE Zach Harrison

3.76 Patriots select LB Marte Mapu

3.77 Rams select EDGE Byron Young

Liked this guy at the draft. Walk on.

3.78 ME TRADE Buccaneers

3.78 > 3.82 and 5.153

All of my guys are still available at this point so I will make one more conservative move down. Btw I can’t believe that Simpson is also still available.

3.78 Packers select TE Tucker Kraft

Another TE goes off the board!

3.79 ME select TE Darnell Washington

At this point I have to take Washington. It is getting silly. I can’t believe this is not going to be long term great value at this point in the draft. And I am also starting to worry that someone will take a flyer on him with so many TEs off the board.

3.79 Colts select WR Josh Downs

Great player. Liked his tape because he is a great route runner. But again not a big guy.

3.80 Steelers TRADE Panthers select EDGE DJ Johnson

3.81 Titans select RB Tyjae Spears

Really liked this guy and would have picked him if I needed RB. Explosive guy who can do it all.

3.82 ME select DE Yaya Diaby

At this point I am picking a player who I think would probably go in the 4th round. The last two players of mine who I have to choose from are Diaby and Rush, the reason why I choose Diaby is that Rush has only recently converted to CB from WR so I believe that he has a higher probability of dropping to the 4th round.

I love Diaby for his first step quickness and the fact that he plays bigger than he is.

3.82 Buccaneers select DE Yaya Diaby

HAHAHA how lucky am I?! The second year in a row where I manage to pick a player at the same spot where he went in real life like Tyler Linderbaum last year. I still can’t believe that Trenton Simpson is still available. I hope there isn’t some injury issue that I don’t know about.

3.83 Seahawks TRADE Broncos DB Riley Moss

3.84 Dolphins select RB Devon Achane

3.85 Chargers select LB Daiyan Henley

3.86 Ravens select LB Trenton Simpson

My guy finally goes off the board. I really want to know what happened here to make him drop this far. The good thing is that he goes to a team that knows how to develop linebackers. I just really wonder why he dropped so far.

3.87 Vikings TRADE 49ers select DB Ji’Ayir Brown

Another guy who surprisingly dropped. Baller. Maybe I should have selected him instead of Washington if he drops into the 4th, especially because I missed on Sydney Brown.

3.88 Jaguars select RB Tank Bigsby

3.89 Rams select DT Kobie Turner

3.90 Dallas select LB DeMarvion Overshown

3.91 Bills select LB Dorian Williams

3.92 Bengals TRADE Chiefs select OT Wanya Norris

3.93 Steelers select TE Darnell Washington

Finally he goes off the board. I originally thought I could take him in the second and thought he was a great value pick over 10 picks higher than this. I am really curious to see why he dropped.

3.94 Cardinals select WR Michael Wilson

I really liked this guy, but again injury concerns.

3.95 Bengals select S Jordan Battle

3.96 Arizona TRADE Lions DT Brodric Martin

3.97 Commanders select C Ricky Stromberg

3.98 Browns select DT Siaki Ika

3.99 49ers select K Jake Moody

3.100 Raiders select WR Tre Tucker

3.101 49ers select TE Cameron Latu

3.102 Vikings DB Mekhi Blackmon


I think the coverage of Day 3 might also be completed by now, so I may have to watch the short version of that to get it done today.

Here is what I walked out of Day 2 with:

2.61 WR Marvin Mims Jr

3.64 LB/EDGE Drew Sanders

3.67 LB/EDGE Trenton Simpson

3.79 TE Darnell Washington

3.82 DE Yaya Diaby





As much as I messed up my day 1, I really benefited from a lot of players who I would have been happy drafting in the 2nd dropping into the third and that I was lucky on the Diaby pick. I am very happy with my Day 2.

I did miss out on Cody Mauch and Sydney Brown, two guys who I liked a lot, but the fact that I got as many as I did and picked up an extra 4th and 5th rounder makes this round a win for me.

For day 3 I have the following picks:

4.110, 4.116

5.151, 5.153



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