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Fantasy Team: 2023 NFL Draft: Day 3

After completely overdrafting day 1 and getting a bit of a win day 2 we are onto day 3.

I have the following picks:

4.110, 4.116

5.151, 5.153



Some of the players who I would find interesting:

  • CB Darius Rush
  • DE Adetomiwa Adebawore
  • DT Nesta Jade Silvera
  • TE Payne Durham
  • WR Ronnie Bell
  • WR Tyler Scott
  • QB Jake Haener
  • QB Darren Hall
  • QB Stetson Bennett
  • OL Anthony Bradford
  • OL Ryan Hayes
  • OL Jarrett Patterson
  • OL Sidy Sow
  • OL Luke wypler

As you can see most of the players are on the offence and yet the no.1 guy I want is Rush. TBH the other Defensive players are also very interesting and especially Adebawore is more valuable than the Offense guys.

However I will only be using 2 of my 6 picks on Defense and 4 on Offense. Payne Durham and Tyler Scott highlight the guys I want to get the most. Jake haener and one of the QBs would be nice towards the end.

For these rounds I will only highlight interesting picks as well as mine and not even write up the rest. Lets go into the live draft:

4.104 Raiders select CB Jakorian Bennett

love this guy. Him and the other Maryland CB locked teams down last year.

4.110 ME select CB Darius Rush

Love this guy, plays with nasty and is a playmaker who switched from playing WR not too long ago and I believe that he can still develop into something special.

4.110 Colts select DE Adetomiwa Adebawore

The first one of my guys goes off the board. Could have maybe picked up him and Rush if I had weighed it up, but Rush was one of those who felt like “my guy”.

4.116 ME select WR Tyler Scott

I love his RB background and that he gave Sauce Gardner a hard time when they were teammates at Cini. Add to that his speed and I believe he could be a weapon.

4.117 Patriots select OL Sidy Sow

Really liked this guy, another one off my list. Flashed at the combine.

4.127 Saints select QB Jake Haener

This guy is a really high IQ guy. I have certain concerns if he can be a true leader in the lockerroom and some maturity issues. I’m not sure whether he will be more of great coach than a player.

4.128 Rams select QB Stetson Bennett

I wanted this guy! I was hoping he would fall out of the draft or to the end of the draft because of maturity issues – because those are the worries i have – but he is a leader and performs on the big stage. In the long run he is a guy who could end up being my biggest miss.

4.133 Bears select WR Tyler Scott

My guy goes to Chicago. He won’t have much competition to be a top WR in that core.

5.136 Jags select LB Yasir abdullah

undersized put plays very well. The was on my radar too.

5.138 Colts select CB Darius Rush

My guy goes to the colts.

5.151 ME select TE Payne Durham

I have a bunch of OLinemen left to choose from so I take another potential playmaker. Lacrosse player with good hands and eyes. A tough playmaker who fights through tackles. was also an all-academic selection.

5.153 ME select DT Nesta Jade Silvera

My next defensive player. He flashed at the combine, has great short area quickness.

5.164 Vikings select QB Jaren Hall

My last QB goes off the board. He is a really solid and intelligent guy. My worries with him were insecurity and ego.

5.171 Bucaneers select TE Payne Durham

will be interesting to see what he does here.

5.173 49ers select EDGE Robert Beal Jr

another guy who I liked, really explosive guy.

6.182 Rams select Tre’vius Hodges-Tomlinson

Another CB who I really liked, explosive and smart. Just a bit undersized and grabby.

6.190 Browns select C Luke Wypler

Another one of my guys goes off the board. Center only type player with short arms but good athleticism.

6.195 ME select OL Jarrett Patterson

I have 2 Oline guys left who I like in Patterson and Hayes, I take the guy who used to be a captain for his team in Patterson. great guy on the inside with excellent technique. Just not quite the arm length you want.

6.201 Texans select OL Jarrett Patterson

My guy goes off the board only 6 picks after I got him, lets hope I manage to get the other Olineman too.

7.231 Raiders select Nesta Jade Silvera

My guy goes to join the raiders. I could have taken him a lot later.

7.234 ME select OL Ryan Hayes

I get lucky and my guy is still on the board. I was considering taking another wideout here, but in the end I prefer Hayes.

7.238 Dolphins select OL Ryan Hayes

my guy goes to the dolphins.

7.253 49ers select WR Ronnie Bell

I really wanted him to become a free agent. This is the WR i was considering over Ryan Hayes. He has good hands and was able to make plays on the maryland corners when they were shutting michigan down. also trusted to make throws on trick plays.

7.256 Packers select WR Grant Dubose

Another WR that I really liked, flashed at the combine.

Who I selected:

4.110 CB Darius Rush

4.116 WR Tyler Scott

5.151 TE Payne Durham

5.153 DT Nesta Jade Silvera

6.195 OL Jarrett Patterson

7.234 OL Ryan Hayes

I got a bunch of players who I thought were interesting and altogether very solid. The player I am most gutted about missing out on is Stetson Bennett. Although he hasn’t gone through the best time I consider him a very interesting prospect.

As per every year I will select 5 UDFAs to join my team too:


QB Malik Cunningham – I didn’t get my other QBs so I pick up an extremely mobile guy who broke a bunch of Lamar Jackson’s school records. He is a long shot to make it in the league but thats fine for a QB4.

WR Matt Landers – he flashed at the combine and he has the bodytype to succeed in the league.

RB Keaton Mitchell – You’re hoping the explosive traits can make plays on the field where the slight frame (for a RB) cannot.

RB Sarodrick Thompson Jr – Big, fast and poweful. If he can put it all together he can become a solid back.

DE Caleb Murphy – high motor player who had monster production in D2. Will be interesting to see if he can translate that to the NFL

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