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Tuna Mayo Salad

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Why include this as part of my food blog you might think? It doesn’t look particularly appetising and is really nothing special. How very right you are. BUT, the dish has a degree of sentimental value to me.

While studying in Liverpool, where I did a year of International Journalism at John Moores, this was my staple food. I bought in high quantity, which meant that it overall became cheaper, but at the same time got a balanced meal far better than most student food. I probably ate this around 5 times per week.


Mixture of Salad Leaves whatever you prefer, I like a mixture of a green, rocket and something a bit bitter. Chopped

Cucumber / Tomatos / Avocado / Spring Onions chopped

Sweetcorn / Capers

Tuna use the one in oil because then you can use the whole lot and don’t have to pour anything away – I also like to make sure it is sustainably fished

Mayo / Salt / Pepper / Balsamic Vinegar


  1. mix tuna with mayo, salt, pepper and a bit of balsamic vinegar.
  2. chop everything else (I have highlighted the things that I would always include, the rest is optional).
  3. mix everything together and serve with nachos.


The Drink

Orange cut in half and squeeze until you have enough for half a glass

Water I like to have some cold water in the fridge so top up with that

  • enjoy that most traditional mix



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