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Baked Sweet Potato & Curried Fruity Prawn Salad

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So, who doesn’t like a good, simple baked potato. And guess what? Sweet potato is just as good! Lovely for the summer as a sweeter flavour to offset something with a bit more of a zesty punch or something more spicy. It’s just a more creative flavour than your usual spud. At heart it is still not a fancy meal though: it’s good old feel good food.


Ingredients Potato

Sweet Potato wrap in tin foil and bake in the oven for 45-60 minutes depending on your oven

Butter once baked cut open and serve with a little bit of butter and…

Parsley …chopped up and sprinkled over. 


Ingredients Salad

Salad of Choice and Cucumber chop, ready to serve and add Sweetcorn

Prawns buy cooked, wash and put in bowl…

Mango and Banana and Pickled Ginger and Pickled Silver Skinned Onions  …chop (mash banana) and add to the prawns…

Mayo and Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce …add sauces…

Curry / Smoked Paprika / Salt …spice to your taste.


  • serve up all together and enjoy
  • don’t be fancy about it
  • you can also serve it with:
    • tuna mayo
    • fried chicken (marinated in soya sauce, honey and curry)
    • or even just prawns with a marie rose sauce


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