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Beetroot and Goats Cheese

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One of my favourite dishes to eat both warm and cold, but it is quite a surprise it made it so far. For a long time I really disliked beetroot, until I decided to find a way to make myself like it. As simple as that. It was while I was living and studying in London and I used to do my weekly shop at the farmers market by Oval tube station on a Saturday. I picked up a couple of beets from the market and started to experiment.

There are lots of ways to do this recipe with different combinations. I really like the one I am going to show you in a sec, but my favourite is with the asparagus substituted for pear (glazed in sugar and a pinch of salt) and the whole thing nestled on a bed of rocket. The advantage of the pear is that it does an even better job in balancing the flavours. But first of all here is how to do the salad above, enjoy.


Asparagus take off the bottoms, slice, then steam until cooked but with a bite. Put in a bowl with salt a tiny bit of honey and lemon, toss and leave to settle

Beetroot peel, chop. heat up a pan with oil, fry the chopped beetroot. add a splash of balsamic vinegar and pepper, leave to reduce and boil off.

Goat’s Cheese take your preferred variety and chop ready to crumble over the top

Spring Onions chop ready to be sprinkled over the top




Balsamic Vinegar


  • serve as above covering with spring onions and cumin

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