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2017 Draft Review Seahawks [Part 3]

This last instalment of the Series: 2017 Draft Review Seahawks, follows [Part 1] and [Part 2] and is more of a novelty number. I will be looking at the predictions I did in my Draft Preview and giving myself a grade for analysis and accuracy.

Personal draft Grade 

Individual Player Predictions (0/3)

  • out of the three players I wanted to see go to the Hawks 0 went there (as a slight upside they were all picked within 2 picks of the closest Seahawks selections so at least I had the positioning right Kevin King (pick 33) and Budda Baker (pick 36) were either side of McDowell (pick 35), and Obi Melifonwu (pick 56) was picked two spots before the Seahawks chose Ethan Pocic at 58. On the other hand this means that they were all within reach and I think that these guys will all go on to become difference makers in the NFL) (0/3)

Pick Position Predictions: (2/3)

  • I had the Seahawks trading out of the first round (1/1)
  • All of my other trade predictions were off (1/2)
  • I think that the Seahawks might surprise everyone because this is the perfect draft class for what they like to do: trade down to generate more picks. With a draft class this loaded with talent: why not?(2/3)

Positional Predictions: (10/13)

  • QBUDFA (1/1)
  • WR:  had them taking a late round guy (2/2) and an UDFA (3/3). However, they also picked up a guy in round 3 which I didn’t think they would do (3/4)
  • TE: had them taking no Tight Ends (4/5)
  • RB: had them making no additions but they did (4/6)
  • OL: I thought this could swing either way, i.e. one of the first picks or UDFA and in the end I was right, 2nd pick was OL. However, because it was a very non-committal prediction I am going to give half (4.5/7)
  • DL: had it down as a similar, if slightly more urgent, need than OL and my prediction was also similar. Again it was the first pick by the Seahawks, but not making that bold statement = half point (5/8)
  • LB: was something that I said needs addressing in terms of youth, but due to the addition of plenty of FAs I felt that it might be next year/ UDFA. We picked up 1 LB and that was a UDFA (6/9)
  • S: I predicted that the Secondary would be the biggest need and they did end up drafting the most players here (7/10).
  • Nickel: I saw this as a big position of improvement and a big draft need. 2 guys who could play in that position make me right (8/11).
  • CB: In two of my three scenarios I had the Seahawks drafting multiple CBs, and while only one guy is listed as CB, two more have been put into the conversation for that position (9/12). On top of that I predicted that CB might be picked at a later round due to the depth of the draft and because the hawks like to draft there (10/13).

Overall: 12/19 predictions correct: Personal draft grade B- 

altogether I think that I made some pretty good predictions in terms of positional needs and that they picked up an extra WR and RB when they ended up with 11 picks is not surprising, so I am not too upset with myself about that. I should have been more committal with OL and DL predictions because I was on the right track there and although it is stupid to try and predict what draft picks they will end up with, I think I will try again next year. The thing I am a little gutted about was the Seahawks not picking up any of the three guys I would have liked to have seen. Kevin King is not so much of an issue, and I can even understand Budda Baker to some extent. But Melifonwu would have been a great addition and worth trading up for.

So guys, now let’s hear your opinions and grades on my draft predictions. Always fun to hear what you think. 

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