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Fantasy Team: 2023 NFL Draft: Day 1 Draft Strategy

Things are crazy here and like the past few years I have left it until the last minute to write everything up, so if anyone reads this then apologies for that.

As established in the previous post, these are the picks I would end up with after trades:


2.42, 2.49




6.180, 6.195

7.234, 7.235, 7.255


I will now go through the three days and outline my strategy for each day and the picks that go with it.

Day 1

The most anticipated day by most, but in my opinion the most boring day. The best players in any draft come from Day 2 and finding value on Day 3 sets apart the best teams.

That being said you would hope to draft a player in the first round who really takes your team to the next level. There are a couple of positions, however, where I do not see value in drafting them in the first round: CB, S, RB, TE. WR and LB would have to be a huge talent for me to want to draft them in the 1st (as I have done) and of course any of the aforementioned positions could also be drafted there if they had a freak guy who I loved. BTW my opinion is that relative to the value of a first round pick, the chance of hitting on them and them being what would justify that value is very slim.

I believe that the main positions you should draft in the first round are the trenches and the QB (with QB being a lot more of a high risk pick). That being said, my OL is one of the best units in my team (although it can never hurt adding to a strength), while my DL is good, but i do need some interior help and you can never have too many rushers. Adding a QB to lead my team would also be a dream, but the likelihood of one dropping to position 17 is not too big in my opinion.

This means that the most realistic scenario would be for me to trade down.

That being said, here are the players I think could (in some weird scenario slide to 17 and would force me to make a pick):

  • DT Jalen Carter – in terms of being a player, he is an absolute baller and I don’t feel like I need to go into the detail of that. With that being said, character concerns could cause him to slip a bit. I do not seriously believe he will drop to me, but he would be a player where i am forced to stick and pick.
  • QB Will Levis – there is a lot of smoke being thrown for him going as high as 2 overall, but there have been people who don’t even see him a first round pick. I believe that he has the presence and poise of a QB1, and at the combine he set the room on electric when he was throwing. I would feel more comfortable trading down before I take him, but I understand that you have to pay a premium for QBs.
  • QB Anothny Richardson – Baby Cam Newton. An absolute athletic freak who is raw as hell. He is a player who I would bet on to sit and develop.

  • QB Hendon Hooker – he is seperated here because I would not take him in the first. i have been sooooo torn about him, and it is for two simple reasons: the acl injury and the offense played at tennessee. Without that I believe that you are looking at a QB who is very far along in his development, looks after the ball and makes good decisions, all traits, which should be pursued at the NFL level. But my big questionmarks are whether he can get healthy, stay healthy and whether his game translates to the nfl. When I have to ask myself that its usually not something I am willing to bet pick 17 on. I would rather look at a QB on day 3 like Haener, Hall or even Bennett. Although Haener might go earlier than expected.

Other players who I like at 17 but wouldn’t draft this year:

  • OL Peter Skoronski – could eventually be my replacement at Guard for Thuney, the guy is potentially a pro bowl caliber player in the iOL. Two questions remain though: will he even drop to 17 and is he worth taking for a position where i don’t necessarily need to add or do i trade out of that position and plug other holes where I have value later on and then maybe add a Cody Mauch later in the 1st.
  • EDGE Nolan Smith – Another athletic freak who has shown that he can get it done even though he isn’t the biggest. I like the haason reddick comp. who is already on my team. The reason I wouldn’t draft him, is because I believe that there are a couple of players in the second round who could have a similar impact in a similar role with Trenton Simpson and Drew Sample.

This leaves me with the trade back scenario. Potential moves would be:

Trade 1: 1.17 for Min 1.23, 3.87, 4.119

There are rumors that Minnesota could be looking to move up for one of three positions: QB, OL or Skill position player to maximise the last year of cousins contract or in the the case of a QB, set things up for when Cousins is done.

Trade 2: 1.23 and 3.87 for Buf 1.27, 2.59

Buffalo didn’t quite get to where they wanted last year and a big reason for that was not having the weapons they wanted. In this scenario they jump above the Giants to get their guy.

Trade 3: 1.27 for Mia 2024 1st rounder, 6.197

I have never before done a trade for a future pick, so I find the prospect very interesting. The Dolphins who had to forfeit their pick move up into the back end of the draft to grab someone for that first round contract.

The picks I am left with after the trades:

2.42, 2.49, 2.59


4.119, 4.120


6.180, 6.195, 6.197

7.234, 7.235, 7.255

*(2024 DOL 1st Rounder)

This means that theoretically I am not picking on day 1 at all. However, I will play the trade one after the other when I watch the draft and if a player with huge potential drops I might make a pick either at 17, 23 or 27. But basically I am playing best player available.

Unfortunately I will not be able to watch the daft live and will therefore have to watch it after the fact, however I will not look at any NFL related news before I do so, which shouldn’t be hard because I live in Switzerland and will be sat in a car all day tomorrow.

Anyway I look forward to working my way through the fist round and then going into Day 2 after that.

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