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Seahawks Draft Preview 2017

It is almost draft day. Less than 12 hours until one of the most exciting times of the year starts, with regards to suspense at least. In this post we will be looking at what changes the Seahawks need to make on both sides of the ball, as well as who I believe they will be drafting and when. In the 2017 draft they have the following picks:

  • Round 1 | Pick 26 | No. 26 overall
  • Round 2 | Pick 26 | No. 58 overall
  • Round 3 | Pick 26 | No. 90 overall
  • Round 3 | Pick 38 | No. 102 overall
  • Round 3 | Pick 42 | No. 106 overall
  • Round 6 | Pick 26 | No. 210 overall
  • Round 7 | Pick 8 | No. 226 overall

Overview: Position Groups

So I have already analysed the offensive position groups of the Seahawks in previous articles (QB, WR, TE, RB, OL), here is a summary of needs with relation to the draft:

Quaterback There is a clear and good QB1 and QB2, don’t waste a draft pick here. If they really need a QB3 go UDFA. OR SO I THOUGHT, but with Boykin being arrested twice in the last two weeks this may get more of a look in. At the same time I think the Seahawks will go UDFA or FA to strengthen this position.

Wide Receiver Very strong position group with youth coming up from below in McEvoy and some potential on the Practice Squad. I mentioned that if Lockett wasn’t healthy for the start of the season it might be good to bring Hester back if he’s interested, alternatively give McKissic a go. Don’t waste a draft pick here, only UDFA or One late round pick maybe.

Tight End solid position group as well ,with a good mixture of youth and experience. In my blog post I mentioned that there was a need to fill the gap that Williams has left, however, they might be able to compensate this with the PS players. I would not use a pick here.

Running Back not a position where I would pick anyone from the draft, they have a big and solid group, especially with the addition of lacy and should build on that. They do, however, need another FB, but should look at bringing back one of the FAs.

Offence Line I see little need here. They need to build on the players of last season and the FAs they’ve picked up. They needed experience not youth and have got that. Having said this I think that they could pick up an UDFA in the mould of Fant. This is also because I am not sure there is going to be anyone with enough quality to pick up as a late round pick. Don’t waste a pick here, but possibly look at 3rd Round or later. (if someone exceptional is available 1st round this may also happen)

As you can see I do not think that the Seahawks have any big need on the Offensive side of the ball to draft. The only Offensive guy who would have upgraded the Seattle game is Fournette, in my opinion, but he won’t drop that low. The other situation is Boykin and his two arrests in the last month. However, I think that they will again look at UDFA and FA to bolster this position and bring another guy in.

Some people will be screaming about adding to the OLine in the first round, but I feel like building on what they have might be better this year and that there are more pressing needs. I have also read that they might be considering adding a WR, but again I would consider this only as a late round option.

So now let’s turn it over and look at the other side of the ball:

Defensive Line Strong but getting old off the edge. DE is becoming an issue with Bennett and Avril both 31, but they are still really good. Reed was a really good addition for the inside last year but they need to start getting younger on the outside as well. As it stands it is not the most urgent need though, possible late round pick on a DE also UDFA. Mid-term need. (if someone exceptional is available 1st round this may also happen)

Linebacker 2 pro-bowlers and then a lot of quantity? There are enough good guys in this position group, but only the two outstanding ones and no young guns pushing them. Similar to the DLine this is something that needs to be addressed, but I don’t know if it will be this year. Late round, UDFA. (if someone exceptional is available 1st round this may also happen)

Safety 2 pro-bowlers and then what? While they have two of the best in Earl Thomas III and Kam Chancellor, behind that it gets really thin. And those two both got injured last year. Desir is listed as a FS and is more of a CB, but they did do really well in picking up McDougald a starting Safety from Tampa. Would be really good to bring in a strong young option to complement this group and then pick up someone else from the UDFAs. Big draft need.

Nickle please no more Jeremy Lane. He would make a decent backup but he messed up a whole bunch of times in 2016 and his tackling just isn’t that great. There is the ideal guy to replace him in the draft and the Seahawks wouldn’t even have to look far. With the amount of nickle plays that they run, this is a big draft need.

Cornerback Boom or bust year for Sherman (although I think he will have a really good season after playing most of last year with an injury) and another great season for Shead (if he gets fit) seem like rosy prospects for the Seahawks. WRONG. Because behind these two these is a gaping black hole of quality. Especially when you take into account the injuries this becomes a big draft need. The only reason why it might fall to a later round is the depth in quality this year at the position. Good chance to pick up multiple CBs though.

As you can see I think that there is a much bigger need on Defence with every position potentially needing to be addressed.


When could Seahawks draft who?

Position Need Potential Draft Round Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3
QB 6 [0*][3][6][7] [3] [0*] [0*]
WR 8 [0*][6][7] [6] [7] [0*]
TE 9 [0*] [0*] [0*] [0*]
RB 10 [0*] [0*] [0*] [0*]
OL 5 [0*][1][3] [1] [0*] [0*]
DL 4 [1][3][6][7] [7] [1] [4]
LB 7 [1][6][7] [0*] [3] [5]
S 2 [1][2][3] [3] [3] [2]
Nickle 3 [2] [2] [2] [2]
CB 1 [1][2][3][6][7] [3] [3][6] [2][3][7]
offensive defensive ideal

[0*] = potentially no draft/ Undrafted Free Agent

Scenario 1 the Seahawks stick with their picks and decide that they want to sure up their Offence. A great OLineman is available at 26th, they decide to pick a backup QB in the 3rd round because of the issues with Boykin and a WR in a late round. The rest is spread across the D.

Scenario 2 the Seahawks stick with their picks again but decide to focus on the Defence. there is a strong DLineman available at 26th, they pick up a couple of corners and a safety as well as a Linebacker and a WR. 

Scenario 3 this is what I see as the ideal situation. First, the Seahawks trade around a bit:

Round Add pick Trade for Outcome
1 2+6 2
2 2
3 6 4+5 2
3 3
3 6 2 4
6 5
7 7

They focus on CB, Nickel and Safety as well as picking up some youth for the DL and LB.



In this draft I see three players who match the Seahawks perfectly and it might be possible to get all three:

  • Kevin King (CB) – replacement for Shead until he gets fit. If King is good enough Shead could also be utilised for Safety again. Plays locally.
  • Budda Baker (Nickel) – replacement for Lane with massive upside. He could also be a longterm replacement for ET III. Plays locally.
  • Obi Melifonwu (S) – amazing utility guy with great athleticism who could be used at Safety, Cornerback or Linebacker.

I have to say that my favourite guy is Melifonwu and I would love to see him at the Seahawks. Budda Baker is the second exceptional guy who I would see as a perfect match for their team. Kevin King is the most expendable simply because it is a really deep draft class at CB. It might therefore also be an idea to take Obi in the first round and trade up in the second to get Budda.

However, I think that the Seahawks might surprise everyone because this is the perfect draft class for what they like to do: trade down to generate more picks. With a draft class this loaded with talent: why not?

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