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2016/2017 Position Review Seahawks TE

Besides all the troubles in the Offence and Defence, 2016 had a big revival. Jimmy Graham. He came back from an injury some people never come back from, and was firing on all cylinders. Arguably still underused, but when he was thrown the ball he was terrorising defences. Ask the Bills, Jets or Eagles. To be fair most of his catches were highlight material because he made playing in tight, often double-, coverage look easy. He started really gelling with Russell Wilson and it will be exciting to see what his stats look like next year.

When comparing the Seattle Offence you see that Graham received less targets than Doug Baldwin but only one less TD. He is the big play maker in the Seahawks offence with type of aura that was missing a bit after Lynch retired. Luke Wilson missed a couple of games from injury but was still a reliable target when called upon, he is the experienced reliable option comparable to Kearse in the WR corps, but Wilson had a better season.

All in all the TEs of the Seahawks aren’t the best in blocking, Wilson is ok and Vannett might be good if he sees more playing time, but Graham is more of a big athletic receiver. The other TE, who I have not mentioned yet is Brandon Williams who saw 484 total snaps: 146 in play and 335 Special Teams snaps. He was primarily used as a blocker and has left the Seahawks for the Colts in the offseason.

Compared to the rest of the league, Graham caught for the third most yds, but his TDs could have been higher. I wouldn’t say this was due to his play though, I just don’t think they targeted him enough in the Endzone.

The top TEs and their Stats
Name Games Tgts. Recs  Avg Yds/G Yds  TDs
Graham 16 95 65 57.69 923 6
Wilson 11 21 15 11.73 129 2
Vannett 9  4 3 10.67 32 0

Aktive Roster

Jimmy Grahamall you can really say is Jimmy is back. I think he had a great season with plenty of highlight reel material and I think this will only increase next season as he gels even more with Wilson and regains full confidence in his body. I hope we will see more plays go his way because he is a leader who has a big presence on the field.

Luke Wilsonnever caught more that 22 passes in a season but still caught a touchdown more than most receivers this year.  When he is used he brings high energy to the game. He is reliable and we saw what he means to the team by the positive reception he got for resigning in the offseason. Great backup to Graham who can catch a ball just as good when he needs to.

Nick Vannett  the Seahawks said a lot of positive things about him in preseason 2016, but the Rookie didn’t really feature. When he did though he was reliable. Can both catch and block and I hope we get to see it 2017


what needs to change:

  • get Vannett involved more
  • more targets in the endzone
  • improved blocking

what needs to stay the same:

  • high reception to yardage ratio
  • high targeting (possibly an increase for Graham)
  • keep the core group together (half achieved through keeping Wilson/ loss Williams)

Draft and Free Agency need: replacement for Williams (even if he ends up on practice squad)

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