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pici aglio, olio i peperoncino (re-done)

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This is such a quick and simple dish (you can also make it with spaghetti to make it even faster) and great comfort food. The traditional dish is simply garlic, peperoncino, oil and maybe some greens like parsley or rocket. As you can see I substituted some of these to try something new.



pici boil for just over 20 minutes – they take a while

bacon lardons start frying on a high heat, when a little bit brown reduce heat and…

agretti …add, mix together, then …

wild garlic and peperoncino …chop, removing seeds from the peperoncino, add to the saucepan with the lardons and agretti

olive oil

salt (maldon)


  1. so you have the pici boiling in one pan and the rest of the ingredients on a low heat in the second pan.
  2. once the pici are done (al dente) drain them, add them to the other pan and a little more oil
  3. stir, allowing the pasta to take on the flavours
  4. divide into bowls and sprinkle with salt
  5. enjoy and feel good

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