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Wild Garlic/ Bärlauch / Ramsons

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The wild garlic is sprouting all around us and it’s fresh aroma is so enticing that I had to buy some this week. I have to admit that I have seen it so many times while out and about; in the woods, on the mountain or even in some parts of the city, but I had never cooked with it.

I always have garlic at home so I never had an urge to buy some, especially when I could have just picked some myself. However, since I never got round to that either I had never had the chance to try it… until now. And oh was I missing out.

The taste is far more subtle and smooth compared to the pungent and sharp taste of garlic cloves and I had some great fun with it. I used it to replace usual garlic with pasta al olio and for a breakfast sautéed with butter and spinach on a piece of bread.

Thing to remember: do not dry!


How to eat:

replacement for garlic it has a similar taste but as I said it is smoother and gentler

pesto a very typical thing to do with it is to make pesto, definitely something I will try next time

health similar to regular garlic it supports digestion, prevents arteriosclerosis and lowers blood pressure


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