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Samphire/ Sea Asparagus/ Saint Peter’s herb/ Mermaid’s Kiss/ Salicornia Europaea

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So, while wandering through the market a week ago I saw this Samphire (from France). I could faintly remember a TV show where I had seen someone forage on the coast of the UK for it and I was intrigued. So I had some packed up (unfortunately they only had plastic bags).

How it tastes: the ocean. This is why Mermaid’s Kiss is such a great and appropriate name. Apart from this salty sea taste it is more the sensation rather than the taste that stands out: when fresh it almost pops in your mouth with an intense and refreshing taste. A strong little succulent which protects the coastlines from erosion.

Buy as you need it: it doesn’t hold long.

There are two types: rock and marsh. Both can be used for cooking.

Freshest around: June, July, August


How to eat:

raw just by itself as a snack or in salads

as a side steam and serve with a bit of lemon and butter

with fish best served with seafood, rather than meat

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