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2017 Draft: Round 1

So I want to have a quick look at the first round. The main thing for me is looking at how much teams have improved to be competitive for next season. For me there are two absolute standouts:

Browns Garett, Peppers and Njoku. Not only did they pick up two great guys on Defence but then they also traded up to get the Tight End with possibly the biggest upside. There is a reason Garett was the no.1 pick, he is a beast who will be terrorising opposing QBs. In Peppers they got a great Safety to sure up their Secondary. And in Njoku they have a guy who is really young and unpolished, but who in all likelihood will also be a Pro Bowler in the future. 

49ers Not only did they manage to persuade the Bears to trade up for Trubisky, meaning that they still got their guy in Thomas but also a bunch of Draft capital. But they also traded up to get a guy in Foster who was predicted to be top 10 at 31. IF the concerns that the rest of the teams had prove to be unwarranted he could become the steal of the draft. If not they still pulled a great one on the Bears.

Following these teams there were 4 more picks I really liked:

Giants For the Giants to get Engram is the second to last step for them to have a kick-ass complete Offence. If they sign Free Agent Blount they’re done. Then you are looking at a tough guy to lead the backfield with aerial attack weapons of the highest calibre in OBJ, Marshall, Shepherd, Tye and Engram. That’s top notch even if Manning can be extremely dodgy. For the rest of the draft they should focus on protection for Manning and some Defensive depth.

Falcons For a start I love how passionate this guy is. Just watch him on stage after being drafted: he just doesn’t hold back. And that is what you get with McKinley. A guy who will be a great combo with Vic Beasley that is only going to make this young Falcons defence even greater.

Texans so taking Watson was the best thing that could have happened for the Texans. He is a proven winner and I think he will bring the winning attitude back to the Texans Offence. Oh, and Watkins wanted him to come so as long as he’s happy, we’re all happy. Honestly though, I think that he will flourish there and with such a strong D getting him the ball the texans may be a team on the up…now they only need a decent run game…

Buccaneers I don’t want to spend too much time talking about this pick. Howard is going to work really well in a set with Brate and the aerial attack also has Evans (who was on fire last year) and the newly added speedster Jackson. With their strong D and solid QB the Buccaneers are in a similar position to the Giants in that they really need to sharpen up their run game to be complete.

There were another three for me that weren’t standout but definitely noteables:

Jags The Jaguars picking Fournette was always going to happen. He is such a tough guy and I love his style. he is going to tear up some Defences and drag the team forward. That, combined with the strong moves they made in Free Agency to really make some great additions to the D should see the Jags make a leap in 2017.

Chiefs Although I believe that picking Mahomes where they did was far too early, he is in the best place in terms of coaching staff to develop him over the next couple of years and he could prove to become a real weapon.

Panthers McCaffery has so many talents that I think he can take a bit of a load off for Cam and help the Panthers get back on track. The main reason why I put him here is because I am really excited to see him in the NFL and because I think that Carolina is a pretty good fit to let him see as much action as possible.

So that concludes my round up of Round 1. Round 2 has just started and I can’t wait to see what it brings.

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