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Seattle’s Draft biggest 2017 Draft miss: Budda Baker

I’m sorry to everyone for this post in advance. It is one written a little bit out of frustration, especially with the developments which may take place after this season.

In this post from before 2017’s draft I highlighted 3 players, which I felt the Seahawks should focus on both because of great fit for the Seahawks and because of an urgent need that should be addressed. One of these guys has just been nominated for the pro bowl and could go on to become a top class Safety in the NFL: Budda Baker. Instead of landing at the Seahawks he went to a direct division rival and is playing great. That’s a double burn.

He was picked 36th, we had the 35th pick. There is no doubt that we picked a guy who could be an amazing passrusher…if he ever plays after his accident in the preseason… in Malik McDowell. He is an athletic freak who I talked about more here after the draft. But he has also been said to have a certain laziness/ difficulty learning. The complete opposite of Baker. AND we have a great DL as this season has shown, while both Chancellor and ET III got injured this season. The only adequate replacement was McDouglad, but we would have seriously struggled if two of these three had been injured at the same time.

I am probably going to be upset about this Draft decision for a long time, but I hope that this offseason we sure up the secondary and LB corps as well as the OL and RB spot. I will look into this in more detail at a later stage.

Rant over.

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