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Roasted Vegetable Salad

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So roasting vegetables has always been fun, especially when wanting to create a mediterranean flavour. Great for summer. But when I try to picture this dish in a setting where I have had it, or something similar, it is not in one of the Med countries I’ve visited. Instead there is a beautiful little Cafe / Deli in London called Mimi’s Deli. Right next to where the Oval market is on a Saturday I often went there after to have a coffee, read and buy a couple of bits and pieces for the week to complete my shop.

Sometimes I also went there for food though, because they did great platters, pasta, soup AND roasted vegetable salad. It would always be a massive portion, served by the lovely Italian waiters. I highlight the Italian because not only did it make the Deli all the more authentic, sitting on one of the few seats hidden in the back in the highly stacked room, but because it always felt nice to have someone come over and chat about the day. I would always go back there and recommend it to anyone.


Aubergine, Zucchini and Paprika sliced and roasted in the oven with olive oil

Rocket Salad (add a bigger variety of leaves if you fancy it)

Avocado / Spring onions (alternatively red onion) chop 

Cherry Tomatos chop and add to the roasting veg for a shorter time at the end

Olive Oil / Salt / Pepper / Crema Balsamico


Cottage Cheese / Cress the above is original, serve with these two to complement if you fancy it


  1. chop and start roasting the first three with olive oil (if you’ve decided to do red onions instead of spring, then also add them here)
  2. during that time start chopping the rest
  3. mix spring onions, salad and avocado on a plate
  4. add the cherry tomatos in the oven
  5. when finished, put the roasted veg on the salad and add salt, pepper, oil and crema (a good amount)
  6. if you’ve decided to include it top with cottage cheese and cress


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