Seahawks trade franchise DE, leader of the DL Clark

So, after lots of speculation – following the signing of Wilson – it has finally happened: the Seahawks have lost their top pass rusher. Clark was traded to the Chiefs for the 29th overall pick, a 2020 2nd rounder and a swap down in the 3rd round for the Seahawks.

i will leave it to you to decide whether that was worth it (I would have done the opposite and kept Clark but traded Wilson – but I have written plenty on that already). Fact is that the Seahawks had to create some cap space due to the new contract of Wilson, and the looming extensions of Wagner and Reed. So something had to give.

going forward, if I were the Seahawks I would drade down like crazy with both of their 1st rounders because the strength of the draft is in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, as well as the quality players you can get on day 3 – there are some interesting 5-7th rounders. My DE article regarding the draft will go online today or tomorrow before the draft.

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