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NFL Draft 2019 – Position Analysis EDGE

My draft has been assuming Clark stays – because in my scenario Wilson is traded. In that case we have two DT/DEs (Jefferson and Jones), then you have two in between guys in Clark and Green and then one speed/high motor guy in Martin. I am looking for something like Martin or between him and the Clark/Green category. Due to the fact that I already have such a great roster of DEs I also don’t want to be selecting someone before the third round, ideally on day 3 though.

I have also left some short notes on extra players at the bottom, including a couple that could become interesting after the Seahawks traded Clark and if they want to draft a DE high.

2nd – 3rd round talent

Jachai Polite – 6′ 3″ – 258 lbs – 32 5/8” – 9 3/4” – Florida

Let’s start with the character concerns. He seems like a “problem kid” who had a bad workout and questionable interviews at the combine which started his draft stock tumbling. He followed that up with an even poorer pro-day which didn’t help. However, because of that he could be a great match with Ken Norton to get him into shape – like Irvin way back.

His play weight will be lower than the above and he plays a bit light against OL. But that’s why the LEO or situational passrusher could be a great fit for him. He plays best as a stand up rusher and while he is not as strong as you would like, he is a speed demon when he gets loose, with great first step quickness and good movement. He also has tenacity and good pursuit which gives him an overall toolset to be successful.

His good traits have flashes of elite and he is now projected anywhere from late day 2 to anywhere on day 3. If he is available late in the 3rd I would definitely take him.

4th – 7th round talent

Justin Hollins – 6′ 5″ – 248 lbs – 33 3/8” – 10 3/8” – Oregon

Very interesting prospect. Similar size and length measurements to Brian Burns, long and bendy. Seems to leap past DTs, bends corner and then comes at QB from behind rather than the side. Has a knack for knocking the ball out when tackling QB.

He also put together a great combine:

  • 2nd best EDGE 40
  • 3rd best EDGE bench
  • 5th best EDGE vert
  • 8th best EDGE 3 cone

He is my favourite choice for a day 3 selection, but I have the feeling that he could go higher than people expect, i.e. the 4-5th round. I would be happy to take him late in the 4th or preferably in the 5th.

Jamal Davis – 6′ 3″ – 243 lbs – 34 1/4” – 10 1/4” – Akron

Former LB with a lot of developing left to do (has only played DE for 2 years). Could play the LEO spot while he develops, allowing Marin to focus on DE, and Davis to utilise his combined skill set of LB and DE.

He lacks the urgency in his play a little and could hussle to the ball more, but he has a good combination of length, speed and flexibility with high motor. He generally has good measuables with a great wing span and hand size. He also tested well at the combine:

  • 5th best EDGE 40
  • 2nd best EDGE vert
  • 4th best EDGE 3 cone

Should be available in the later rounds, probably worth picking up around the 7th round.


Kahzin Daniels – 6’4″ – 240 lbs – Charleston

The story is that he is blind in one eye, but plays so good that no one noticed for ages. No combine invite, but a good rusher as well as run defender. Consistently terrorizing the backfield (16.5 TFL and 9.5 sacks 2018 – Charleston Website), has a good first step and can be slippery due to good hand work. I think that he will go undrafted, but if I have some draft capital late in the 7th I would pick him up.


Quick notes

  • Brian Burns looks absolutely great, but the group of DEs we have now doesn’t warrant taking another so early. If we are talking real life, where we are keeping Wilson and have traded, he becomes one of the most interesting prospects (good length, speed, pass rush moves and plus tackling).
  • Rashan Gary falls into the same category as above: not realistic for my draft, in real life he could be an interesting replacement for Clark. BUT he would have to fall due to his basic play style. That the potential is is there is no doubt due to size, strength and speed, but he needs to refine it to tap into his full potential. If he can do that he could easily become a pro-bowl caliber talent very fast.
  • Chase Winovich was also interesting, but in the end just didn’t have the athletic profile I was looking for. Of course he has a great pressure percentage, the question is whether that relates to the next level.
  • Ben Banogu, very good tester who set new records for EDGEs in the vert and long jump at the combine and also had a decent 3 cone. I think that his play is a bit boring/one-dimensional though.



In my draft this would have been more of a supplemental position because we would have still had Clark and therefore just looking for someone in the category Martin to add to the rotation.

In real life where Wilson was kept and Clark not paid it becomes a lot more interesting, because the Seahawks will have to find the appropriate replacement. Nonetheless I still believe we have a decent rotation with 4 guys: Jefferson is established, Jones will have to show he can play outside, Green will have to step up and Martin will have to play DE rather than LEO. The ceiling on the group is very high, but if everyone doesn’t step up it could be difficult and currently there isn’t a marquee rusher there.

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