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Possible additions for the Seahawks following roster cuts

With the cuts confirmed yesterday and the rosters still churning with trades and new additions, plus practice squads to be considered, I have made a list of players who I consider to warrant attention and will then go into some detail where they would fit on the real Seahawks squad (here for comparison my squad prediction) and the squad I have had put together including the draft.

Here are the cut players I would want to take a closer look into, as you will see a lot of them have featured in my potential draftees last year and this year:



Tyree Jackson (Bills) – really liked this guy pre-draft and ended up drafting him in my version, I still think he has a lot of potential and could be a prectice squad candidate for the Seahawks.

Alex McGough (Jaguars) – was with the Seahawks last preseason and then picked up by the Jags after he failed to make the 53. I thought he looked good last preseason and could also be a practice squad candidate for the reals Seahawks squad.

DeShone Kizer (Packers) – tweener. going into his third season he is someone you get for the 53 not the PS but hasn’t wrapped up enough impressive game for a team to be completely comfortable with him as the no.2, that’s why the packers cut him. Could be an intriguing guy to have behind Wilson as our no.2 in the real Seahawks squad, but I prefer Smith with my Seahawks squad because he brings more experience to the QB room.


Alex Barnes (Titans) – Another guy who made my Seahawks team. If Prosise gets traded (which I still hope), then this is someone I would seriously look into. Otherwise he could be a PS option.

John Kelly (Rams) – Another option and a guy who I drafted last year. I still maintain that he has great potential and movement skills. Basically same as above, could make the 53 if Prosise goes and/or the PS for the real Seahawks. For my Seahawks squad I would consider him over McKissic and definitely for the PS.


NOTE: I don’t think that the Seahawks position at WR is set yet with Brown leaving and Turner on the initial 53. For my Seahawks I am open to consider someone over Wright.

Terry Godwin (Panthers) – Really like him for his toughness, soft hands and speed. Got a special mention in my notes for WRs prior to the draft. would be an upgrade to Turner on the real Seahawks squad and I would take him over Wright on mine.

Jamal Custis (Chiefs) – 99th percetile in a lot of categories, but extremely raw. Ideal PS candidate for either of the 2 squads.

DaMarkus Lodge (Buccaneers) – No.3 behind Brown and Metcalf at College, but still super interesting would add him over Turner (real Seahawks) or Wright (my squad). I don’t think he makes it to PS. Was not someone I mentioned in my pre-draft article, but was on my extended radar already then.

David Sills (Bills) – similar to above, Sills was on my extended Radar prior to the draft, funnily enough in Jennings and Metcalf the Seahawks drafted former teamates of Sills and Lodge in the draft. For the real Seahawks squad a PS candidate and for my squad the same.

Quadree Henderson (Jaguars) – blistering speed and hops. Was on my list of options last year prior to the draft and I still believe he has a lot of potential. PS candidate for either squad.




NOTE: In the real Seahawks squad Martin and Mingo are leaving the squad for Clowney by looks of it, but if they want to add a 2nd guy then the two below would be great options. On my Seahawks squad I actually made a mistake because I put Naz Jones (IR) in the active squad, so I have a spot to fill there.

Jachai Polite (Jets) – Due to the fact that I already have Davis on my Squad I would fill the Jones spot with Jachai Polite. He has character concerns but I see something of an Irvin story in him, especially with the potential combined with Norton. For the Seahawks he could fill that spot for the 2nd guy along with Clowney bringing a lot of speed.

Jamal Davis II (Houston) – Already made my Seahawks Squad, for the real Seahawks he could be that guy to take Martin’s spot. I see some similarity in their play and the great advantage of Davis is that he also has a LB background and could therefore play as a 5th Lineman in certain situations.


NOTE: The real Seahawks are so overly loaded that I believe they are looking for a trade partner for Calitro as I write this. Picking up a guy for the PS would be purely if they saw someone with great upside for development. My Squad is a little thinner and would also need a guy for the PS with the potential to step up if needed. I think both guys have that.

Keishawn Bierria (Broncos) – former husky and a potenial top special teamer Seahawks don’t need any more linebackers, but he could be an interesting PS player.

Nick DeLuca (Dolphins) – again, Seahawks don’t need anyone for the 53, but he could be an interesting developmental PS player. I liked him out of college last year.


Kyle Queiro (Cowboys) – I still believe that he has a great upside and can develop into a player like McDougald. No idea why the Cowboys have listed him as a LB for a second year, maybe to sneak him onto their PS, because he is playing out of position. Can bring the boom and has the ability to cover and was a leader out of Northwestern. I think that right now he would only be able to get on the real Seahawks PS (altough I prefer him over Thompson – who will probably have an amazing season now that I’ve said that).


We will see where everyone ends up and what trades happen and then later reevaluate in another post.

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