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Free Agency 2021: Fantasy Team

Having assessed the team for quality and gaps the main takeaways for the needs that I need to fill are as follows:

  • Offense: WR2, although I predict an increase in production from my current players I need players that will see the field.
  • Offense: TE1/TE2, depending on the increase in performance from Trautman, either way I would like experience there.
  • Offense: RB2/RB3, depending on the performance of Moss next season, what I have is a committee approach and that committee needs to produce around 500 more yards.
  • Offense: LT, G, I want to boost my OLine with some experienced players, whether that is a guard and a tackle or two tackles remains to be seen. I feel like I am relatively good at drafting for the interior, but haven’t had as much luck at the Tackle position.
  • Defense: DE4/5, I feel like you can never have too many good DEs. Regardless I will look to get some options that don’t blow the bank, because I have my starters.
  • Defense: LB, I really want a solid addition or two here, to give me some freedom with moving Chinn around. I will look to add through the draft though.
  • Defense: CB, I want a true CB1 but I am not willing to shell out a lot of money for it. It is a position I will attack in the draft.

As you can see, Offensive Skill Position needs are mainly depth, whereas I need a starting tackle in Free Agency a TE and possibly a WR would also be a welcome addition. On the defensive side of the ball I will be looking for bargains at DE depth and I will look into LB and CB, but more likely I will leave it for the draft.

Before I can look at Free Agency, however, I need to assess my own squad and make cuts/trades/contract extentions.

Cuts , Trades and Contract Extensions


Players to cut, are basically players who either have an expiring contract and I cant get anything for, or players who are just not meeting the level I would expect at the moment:

  • Top of the list is Isaiah Wilson, just haven’t liked his attitude at all and don’t think he wants to play ball. not a guy who I want on my team. I make the move which the Titans did and ship him off to the Dolphins and take a dead cap hit of 4.4mil.
  • Next is Jedaveon Clowney, whose contract I will not extend. As much as I like him, his injuries are to high and his impact too low.
  • Quinton Dunbar also does not get an extension.
  • Quinton Jefferson is a player who I do really rate, but I have just got to a point with the quality of my rookies, that I feel like I don’t need him anymore. He is a player who is healthy and has an impact for a relatively low salary, I just feel like I need to push out the boat a bit more and try for some better passrushers.


This trade would be a double deal. I would have given Shaquill Griffin transition tag at 13,294,000 and then traded him plus Jace Sternberger to the Jags for their third round pick no.65 overall. Since this is what they are currently paying Griffin in real life and they have also traded away a TE in Josh Oliver I feel like – in an ideal situation – it could have worked.

In the next segment on players I would sign I add T Riley Reiff, since they are now one tackle down I trade them George Fant, who is younger, for a third round pick no.69 overall.


Poona Ford got new contract, increasing his pay to 2’670’000.

Maurice Hurst got a new contract in real life because he was traded, still waiting on the numbers.

Levi Wallace got new contract for 1’676’460.

Besides that, noteable jumps in pay are with Jamal Adams to 9’860’000 and Budda Baker to 7’775’000, trippling and doubling their previous year’s salary.

Free Agency Additions

Having looked at what is available in Free Agency and my rather large Cap Space I have chosen to be quite aggressive in my signings:

Will Fuller – 1 year – cap hit 2021 10’566’776

I reunite Fuller with his old running partner Hopkins for a dynamic duo on the perimeter. Fuller comes with injury concerns, but I believe it is worth giving him a shot for a year.

Jonnu Smith – 4 year – cap hit 2021 5’632’345

Smith is a big, powerful and explosive TE, who is still young, but has experience. A fantastic addition and just what I want alongside Trautman.

Riley Reiff – 1 year – cap hit 2021 7’500’000

Veteran Tackle with consistently good performances in passpro. Not the perfect addition for my line, but reasonably priced, a good starter and on a 1 year deal it is a manageable amount. He would have a cap hit of 2’750’00 in 2022 and I have added that to this year to get it out the way.

Joe Thuney – 5 year – cap hit 2021 4’500’000

I really debated long and hard about this addition. I wanted to sign him last year before he he was tagged by the Patriots, this year he is a free agent and I wanted more experience on my OL, feels like it is meant to be, right? Well the hefty 5 year contract with over 15mil cap hit starting next year slowed down my excitement. Regardless, most of my other free agency signings are on 1 year deals, so I should be able to fit his contract in longterm.

Carlos Dunlap – 2 year – cap hit 2021 2’900’000

I really like what Dunlap did in Seattle this year. He had some key plays and I believe that he can improve on that with a full season in the team. He has shown that he can be a difference maker and I am getting him for the price I had Quinton Jefferson last year.

Hasson Reddick – 1 year – cap hit 2021 1’992’000

Reddick had a very good season in 2020, will he regress a little: very likely. But even if his numbers drop slightly he is a great player and I believe he can put up some good stats. Add to that the fact that he is still young and will continue to improve and I have a guy who I might be looking to resign next year.


I believe that I have put together a strong roster without many needs. This will allow me to go after the best available players. I will, however, have my eye on the CB and T positions as well as LB.

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