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NFL Fantasy team: TRADE: CB for TE

What an interesting trade in real life: CB CJ Henderson from the Jags (plus a 3rd rounder) for TE Dan Arnold (and a 5th rounder).

Henderson has been getting a bunch of stick for not living up to his potential yet, struggling with consistency and only managing to put flashes on tape.

HOWEVER… I really liked Henderson coming out of Florida and while I have 3 starting calibre TEs on my roster (for 1 position) in Jonnu Smith, Adam Trautman and Tommy Tremble I only have 1 CB and a couple of rookies (who are starting in real life), plus some depth players. Bolstering my secondary is something I have been hoping to do for a while, so this seems to be the perfect opportunity.

Let’s look at what the Panthers gave up. Dan Arnold is a very solid TE in my opinion, even if he is not seen as spectacular by many. Added to that you have a third rounder for a 5th rounder. I would say that the 5th rounder is a bit lower than the Arnold value, but the 3rd rounder is a bit higher than a lot of people in the league might be on Henderson.

To balance this out and make the equation work for me, I will offer Jonnu Smith, who I would argue is in or around the top 10 of TEs in the league. Henderson at this point is probably more around the 30-50 range. I think its a fair trade.

Trade: TE Jonnu Smith – CB CJ Henderson

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