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Red Rice, Pomegranate and Feta Salad

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Red Rice boil and then leave to cool off

Pomegranate take out seeds and mix into the cooled off rice

Spring Onion chop and add

Feta Cheese ideally take the variety in oil and herbs, chop and mix in



Limes squeeze as much as you like

Olive Oil mix in with limes

Mint chop small, slap to release oils and add

Salt and Pepper add to taste

Honey add a very small amount to balance



Spinach on low heat reduce in a pan with garlic and butter

Sweetpotato chop and roast in oven


  1. boil rice, during that time chop everything
  2. leaving the rice to cool, prepare the sides and make the dressing
  3. add dressing and rest of salad then put in the fridge
  4. make the sides
  5. eat

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