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Spaghetti Bolognese

THE classic Italian pasta dish. What more do I need to say about it?

As with a lot of my meals, it is possible to cook it quickly in about 30 minutes. But for the full flavours to come out, it is worth really taking your time with it. I even prefer making it a day early and then reheating it.


Carrots / Ox Heart Tomato grate

Onions / Garlic chop finely

Tinned Plum Tomatos chop small in tin

Fresh Basil chop, including the stems

Tomato Puree

Dried Oregano / Smoked Paprika / Salt / Pepper / sugar

Stock / Red Wine

Olive Oil

Minced Beef mix with grated carrots


Parmesan grate

  1. prepare ingredients
  2. heat olive oil in pan
  3. add onions, garlic and basil stems – soften
  4. add Dried Oregano / Smoked Paprika / Pepper 
  5. add mixture of minced beef and grated carrots and tomato puree, fry a little bit
  6. once starting to golden and brown flush off with the red wine and leave to reduce
  7. once it has sufficiently reduced add the grated ox heart tomato with a bit of sugar and salt
  8. then add the chopped tinned plum tomatos and the stock
  9. leave to reduce on a low heat until it has become your desired consistency. Normally that means when it’s not watery anymore, but more of a thick starchy soup texture, you might like it differently though.
  10. Once it has the desired consistency make your pasta
  11. Drain your pasta and put it back in the pot. Mix in the sauce and add the basil leaves. Let the pasta soak up the sauce for a couple of minutes
  12. serve onto a dish and top with parmesan

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