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Ohhhhhh Carbonara. My absolute favourite pasta sauce so I eat it almost every time we try a new Italian and while there are many ways of doing it I try to do it in the most traditional way, and have tried to perfect it over time.

Absolutely perfect with a tomato, basil and mozzarella salad.


Lardo / Guanciale cut into small pieces

Eggs separate to 2-1 yolks to whites

Pecorino finely grate cheese

Onion very finely chop the onions

Salt / finely ground Pepper

Long Egg Pasta

  1. put water on to boil.
  2. prepare onions, guanciale, cheese, eggs.
  3. mix together cheese, eggs, pepper and salt and some hot pasta water.
  4. start boiling pasta.
  5. make salad at this point (if you’re having some) while the pasta is boiling.
  6. drain pasta and keep some of the water.
  7. start frying meat and onions.
  8. when onion is soft turn off the heat leave everything to cool down.
  9. add some water and the pasta, turn the heat on a little, let it mix.
  10. add the cheese / egg mixture, but don’t let it cook.
  11. serve straight away.

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