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Mushroom Pasta Sauce with Spinach

I absolutely love mushroom sauce, just don’t get to eat it so much because my girlfriend doesn’t like like mushrooms. I think it is most important not to add too many gimmicks but let the mushrooms do the talking. That’s why you should try to get some fresh ones, ideally from a market or a greengrocer where you know they are fresh.

This sauce can be served with any type of pasta including torteloni (like I have done in the picture) or tortellini. I haven’t tried it with gnocchi but I’m sure you could make it work.


Garlic / Onion chop onion small and crush the garlic

Oil / Butter melt the butter in the pan with the oil, then add the garlic and onion and leave to become soft.

Mushrooms chop up your chosen mushroom and add to the pan.

Crushed Peppercorns / Salt best to crush fresh peppercorns and add to taste.

White Wine when the mushrooms are also soft add a splash of white wine and leave to reduce.

Double Cream add the double cream, reduce the heat and leave to simmer for a short time (around 5 minutes)


Fresh Chopped Parsley finish off with some freshly chopped parsley


Spinach if you want to add an extra, melt some butter with crushed garlic on a low heat and sauté the spinach in it

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