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16/17 Premier League Int. Team U24

Premier League International U24

This is the 4th and last team put together for the Premier League, the young guns on the international side. If you fielded this team you could beat most others. Pogba and Can would take turns in dropping back to sure up the defence. That, combined with the athleticism of the DEF 3 would mitigate the fact that there is no Left or Right Back. The attack speaks for itself and is pretty self explanatory. The only thing I would say is that Jesus would be more like a second striker and the three behind Lukaku could fluently interchange. That leaves him to lurk around the box and do what he does best.


GK Thibaut Courtois (Chelsea, 24) he has ideal size for a goalkeeper and great reflexes although his play sometimes looks leisurely. Really quite guy, where someone at the position usually has an advantage being a bit louder and directing his defence. But he has all the time in the world to learn that, the great genetics and talent can’t be learned. Kept the second most clean sheets alongside De Gea.


CB Jason Denayer (Sunderland, 21) another Belgian in my squads, on loan to Sunderland from Man City – he is a guy with great potential. It would have probably helped him if he had been fully fit all season, he also played DEF and MID which both shows his versatility but doesn’t help him personally with his continuity (like a child learning two languages at once – helps in the long run but difficult short term). Enough of the metaphors though. He is a tall, strong, fast and patient guy who doesn’t make the mistake of committing to a sliding tackle too early. On that note his tackling could do with some improvement. But he can pick out a good pass and his drives into midfield are strong too.

CB Nathan Ake (Chelsea, 22) played only 11 games in the Premier League this season, 7 over 90 minutes while he was still at Bournemouth in the first half of the season. And in that short time scored 3 goals. But more importantly he is in the right place at the right time in defence, comfortably takes the ball forward into midfield, can pick a pass and plays with high energy. He is a strong tackler and has the potential to develop into one of the best CBs or DMs in the league. Hopefully he will get some more playing time next season.

CB Eric Bailly (Manchester United, 23) tough tackler with good timing to get to the ball. Sometimes a little over-excited and tackles a bit high or goes in too hard. But he is not too scared to kick the ball away rather than play it fancily and will become a real enforcer at the back,

RB Hector Bellerin (Arsenal, 22) well there are reason why Barcelona reportedly want him back. Super fast which gives him great advantage getting forward or tracking back, especially to break up counterattacks. He can flip play to lead attacks but is also a smart tackler.


LW Anthony Martial (Manchester United, 21) as with most players at Manchester United it is difficult to have the best season when playing time is so inconsistent. But he is fast, tricky and can play against multiple players, which is really important as an offensive winger. At the same time he can also play a good pass, cut into the box and score goals. In my opinion he is also given too much hate for “poor performance” – he is 21, a top player and needs to be given space to develop.

DM Emre Can (Liverpool, 23) leader. Young but a leading personality in midfield. Not afraid to go where it hurts, good passer, can score goals: a powerful player.

DM Paul Pogba (Manchester United, 24) As with most players he needs a bit of time to adjust to the Premier League. He is a strong physical midfielder who can hold off players to make great long and short passes. He has made the second most in the league so far. In the long run he has the potential to become worth his price tag.

OM Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool, 24) magical footballer who is already one of the best in the league. So guess what, as with Bellerin, he is being linked with Barcelona. Has the potential to be the next Xavi or Iniesta, but plays more directly to goal. Strong finisher with great feet and he can even head the ball surprisingly well for someone his size.

OM Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City, 20) so I was saying that most players need some time to get used to the League, I guess Jesus skipped a couple of years then. It probably helps that he is physically a strong guy (stronger than he looks) who fits perfectly into the City attack. He knows how to use his body to hold up the ball or take it forward. Usually seen as a CF but I think that he would be great as a OM/Second striker. Lots of potential still to be unlocked with him.

RW Leroy Sane (Manchester City, 21) plays LW more often these days, but played some of his best football at Schalke over the right. He is fast, very fast, tricky (with the purpose of getting past people), unselfish in setting up his teammates and in my eyes one of the biggest talents in international football. That, combined with the eagerness to learn, makes the sky his limit.


ST Romelu Lukaku (Everton, 23) top goalscorer in the league says it all. But he also set up 6 goals. A very strong and physical player who uses his strength to hold up the ball and get his teammates into play. An absolute beast who is easily one of the best strikers in the world today.

ST Daviock Origi (Liverpool, 22) great pace and strength. He can score with his head and has a great right foot. Can also go out onto the wing to play the ball in for others. He has fast feet and can play just as well in traffic or on the counterattack.

Next week I will be combining the British and International teams, young and old. The week after that I will make my Premiership All Star Team. I hope you’ve enjoyed these teams so far and would be interested in what you think. Who would you put in an ultimate lineup?

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