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FC Bayern München lineup 2017-18

the top dogs, my team. the lineup hasn’t really changed from last season. The old Lahm and Alonso have been replaced by young upgrades Rudy and Kimmich and I hope (as I’m sur emany other bayern fans do) that Müller will get more playing time. Because when we are honest: when he plays he loosens up and gets in a groove, once he is there = we win games.

red = first team

orange = first backup

green = second backup

grey = second team, but can come up to support the bundesliga squad

bayern 2017-2018 team


If I were to be completely honest, there are two players in the squad who cause more problems than they are worth, in my opinion. Rafinha with his bold claims before the season that he could end up being the no.1 RB, and his subsequently embarrassing performances in the preseason matches. Vidal with his reckless attitude on the field that he can’t control, endangers team success and he doesn’t seem to want to change. In Tolisso we have a similar type of player without the issues.

Next issue is the attack. Firstly, we have no backup striker and the club says that is intentional. If i shoot myself in the foot, that can also be intentional, but it’s still stupid. Secondly, most of the players that we have are ones that will assist a goal, apart from Lewandowski, Müller (when he is on form), Robben (when he is not injured) and possibly new boy James (but he has to find his place in the team first and is also currently injured). Most of the players have the potential to contribute a goal or two throughout the season, Kimmich alone brings a lot more attacking threat than Lahm did, but if you need to break open a defence late in the second half, you need a second striker.

You could put Müller in this category, and he works really well in tandem with Lewi, but there needs to be more depth in the squad right on the front line.


To solve the issues that I mentioned and keep moving in the direction of building the squad for the future, I would do the following:

sell Rafinha and Vidal. in the current market you will be able to get around 70-80mil euro for the two

buy Belotti (ST – FC Turin) and Meunier (RB – PSG) for around the same amount, maybe a little more

Instantly you have upgraded your squad on the offensive side as well as pushing forward on making it younger.

Nonetheless, will they win League again this year? Yes probably.

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