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Bayer 04 Leverkusen Lineup 2017-18

Initially I wanted to work my way from the bottom to the table to the top with line-ups, but seeing as time is getting a bit short before the start of the league tonight I will carry on with teams in order of who is playing this weekend.

red = first team

orange = first backup

green = second backup

grey = second team, but can come up to support the bundesliga squad

blue = sell

leverkusen 2017-2018 team


Finally a team who has a decently put together squad. Considering that they are not playing international football this year, I think that they did well not buying too much.

I have lined them up in quite a defensive formation considering their attacking depth, but fact is that they caught a lot of goals last year: scoring wasn’t the problem.


I would consider selling a couple of players (see marked blue). Mehmedi may come as a bit of a surprise on the list, but there is enough attacking talent to compete at a high level nationally. He, together with the others, could be moved on at a decent price and the money used to add another quality CB or LB (although Jedvaj can cover that spot too).

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