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FC Augsburg line up 2017-18

I will be looking at the current squad and at what side I would field for the start of the bundesliga on the weekend.

red = first team

orange = first backup

green = second backup

grey = second team, but can come up to support the bundesliga squad

blue = sell

augsburg 2017-2018 team


wow this is a squad which is lacking all over the pitch, apart from goalie. if they are not injured then they are either over 30, under 23 or not scoring goals (for the strikers). if it were me I would redo the whole squad, because as a whole they should be ending the season on one of the bottom spots.


  • with Stafylidis pushing to leave Augsburg have no wideouts (but possibly around 10mil euro in the bank)
  • CBs: Gouweleeuw is prone to injury as are the two CBs in orange who are both over 30, the two in grey spent most of last season with the second team of Augsburg. Only Danso spent a decent amount of time with the first team, but he is 18(!)
  • ideally they need a starting CB, LB and RB
  • with the line-up I have chosen, I have tried to smooth over this a little by putting a solid 3 man defence in place with Max and Teigl as wing-backs


  • the winger positions are deep, but a bit average apart from Heller and Thommy who I think could make an impact coming off a good season. Caiuby is a great player but injured, and has been for a long time so it remains to be seen when he will be back. Usami and Schmid are not entirely convincing but make solid backups and I don’t know enough about Cordova yet to judge him
  • in DM you have old and injured Kacar and Moravek (I would sell them, maybe you get 1mil euro), Leitner potentially as well for another 1mil. Khedira could be good for the spot, but has simply had too little playing time last season to be considered a starter at this point. This leaves Baier who, while a bit old, is tough and gets the job done.
  • in OM Koo is another player who was prone to injury last season and who, in Gregortisch and Richter, has two people in front of him with a much higher level and ceiling. he is another potential for selling on at a value of 4-5mil euros.


  • officially, augsburg have 7 strikers on their roster (including Gregoritsch and Richter). WHY?! Well I will tell you: 2 of the players are from the youth teams, 2 of the players were injured for long periods of time or multiple times last year (Bobadilla and Finnbogason), 1 returned from loan (Parker), one was newly signed (Gregoritsch) and one played in every single bundesliga game last season managing only 3 goals and 3 assissts (Ji).
  • Now if I am a manager looking at that, I am glad that we signed a new, young decent striker.
  • I look at Finnbogason and say: ok, he might have put up decent numbers but had one big injury. Then at Ji and say: ok the whole team wasn’t doing so well but at least he stayed fit for us. Although if I were being radical I would sell him too (2mil euro).
  • I look at the youth players and their decent scoring records and think that they may need to get some more time this year.
  • I look at Bobadilla who keeps getting injured and Parker who has similar issues and the 4 mil euro they could fetch might be worth more to me invested elsewhere in the squad.


if Augsburg really want to be competitive they have to be radical. Here are some Sells and Buys they could make:

wave 1:

  • for 21 mil sell: Stafylidis (10 mil), koo (5mil), bobadilla (6mil)
  • buy: CB (7mil) Neven Subotic [Dortmund], DM (6mil) Sebastian Rode [Dortmund]

wave 2:

  • for 7mil sell: kacar, moravek and parker (combined for 2 mil), leitner (2mil), ji (3mil)
  • buy: LB (500tsd) Killian Jakob [1860 München], RB (4mil) Christian Träsch [Wolfsburg], ST (15mil) Luuk de Jong (PSV)

wave 3:

  • for 3mil sell: Baier (1mil), Usami (1mil), Opare (1mil)

If all that happened then Augsburg would have a pretty competitive team. As it stands I think that they will be picked off over the wings on defence and in attack they will struggle to score goals.

UPDATE 17.8.2017 similar as mentioned above there were too many strikers on the squad. Bobadilla was sold to Gladbach.


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