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VFB Stuttgart line up 2017-18

This is a look at the best possible line up from the current players available when everyone is fit. With the transfer window still open this could obviously change.

red = first team

orange = first backup

green = second backup

grey = second team, but can come up to support the bundesliga squad

stuttgart 2017-2018 team


zieler should come in as a straight no.1 in goal.

in central defence Badstuber will be a really strong addition, should he be able to stay fit. He will be able to feed the forward three from the back. Kaminski and Baumgartl will be battling it out for the second spot, but I have put Kaminski in as the more experienced player for the bundesliga.

on the right wing Mane will be out for the rest of the year, but when he comes back I believe he will be challenging for the no.1 spot. Generally the wings are a big strength of stuttgart with a lot of talent and depth both at the front and back.


again, Stuttgart are a very balanced squad who I feel will be especially strong going down the sides. If they can get some quick counters or switch sides fast, they should be able to cause teams some trouble. to not be counter-countered, however, they need to make sure they have a solid defensive midfield supporting the CBs.

if I could add one more player to the squad I would improve the OM position. neither of the players is particularly exciting. It would be great to have someone who can push from midfield into those spaces behind the striker when there are fast attacks rolling.

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