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Hannover line up 2017-18

What you see fielded here is the best lineup that can be made from the players available right now. Very exciting in my eyes is also Baller who could see some time coming in on the positions in front of Anton.

red = first team

orange = first backup

green = second backup

grey = second team, but can come up to support the bundesliga squad

hannover 2017-2018 team


two backup CBs that have had a lot of injuries in the last year, but with Anton a guy who can fill in the spot at CB if needs be.

although Korb has been favoured in the cup at RB, I would keep Sorg there from last season. Korb was probably not brought in to warm the bench, but I have never found him to be much of an impact player and have enjoyed watching Sorg since his time at Freiburg.

I would slightly reconfigure the midfield to soak up attacks and be able to quickly counter. Both Schwelger and Schmiedebach have been injured at least once last year, which makes them a liability in my eyes. Anton has proven himself in DM and also has the Defensive experience to drop back into a back 5 when Hannover are defending. when defending Prib can drop back into a more central position in front of the back 5 with Klaus and Karaman slightly ahead of him and Harnik moving onto a line with Füllkrug.

on the right mid Bazzee and Bach have had a lot of injuries in the past season so it is good to have two guys there to back up Harnik who is the clear no.1. If needs be, however, i think that Klaus could fill in should Harnik miss any games, leaving a space in midfield for baller to come on.

on the left, I think that Karaman may have to budge for Prib or Klaus, should the trainer feel the need to field a more defensive side. In this case Bakalorz, Schwegler or Schiedebach can come into midfield just ahead of Anton.


altogether, I feel like Hannover have a very nicely balanced squad. Not only do they have a good defence and attack in their first squad, but they also have a nice balance of experienced and young depth.

if I had to add anything more to the squad before the close of the transfer window, it would be another CB. Sane is bound to be sent off at least once in the season and it would be very reassuring to have another top quality guy there in the mix. Preferably someone who can factor in at DM as well.

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