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Seahawks pre-draft analysis [part 4] Needs

Before I start analysing the individual position groups I have to get a picture of how high the need is, and therefore where the Seahawks might be inclined to draft a player. Because while I don’t believe in drafting your highest need first, your second after that and then your third, etc, naturally if you have low need at a certain position you would rather take an area of need than perhaps the best available player. It all has to be weighed up against the strengths of the draft and what the other teams might need.

Note: A short comment on the Wilson situation. If you haven’t read it I already wrote an article on what I think about the contract and why I will continue the draft as if Wilson got traded to the Giants – which is what I would have done.


Quick Recaps

Let’s start by looking at where the squad currently stands.


So while looking through the Offense I found that we have pretty much all positions covered both in quality and quantity.

WR could use a bit of quality, especially if Baldwin doesn’t carry on much longer or keeps being injured, then someone needs to replace him.

On the OL Tackle and Center seem pretty well covered with no major health concerns, but the Guard spot could definitely use some Quality and someone who can stay healthy. Fluker and Simmons have a history of injury and Iupati isn’t the youngest either.

Then of course with my proposed Wilson trade, QB becomes an area of need. But nothing I would overdraft on, especially in this class.

Depending on what you think of the positions and players in the draft TE and FB could also be added.

For a full look at the offense check out the article.


On Defense the picture also looks pretty good, with quality being more of the issue than quantity in a young group of guys with massive upside.

The main concern is DT, which is great because this draft is so deep at the position and I already have a couple of guys in mind who could be great additions.

DE could do with the addition of another pure outside rusher (also Martin could also be utilized there depending on Kendricks availability and Shaquem Griffin’s progress).

LB could potentially have 3 absolutely quality starters, but behind them it looks dire and we definitely need some quality young depth that could push the starters.

Safety is a group the Seahawks seem more excited about than just about anyone else. McDougald is still solid and Hill flashed some good play as did Thompson. In my opinion though, the addition of quality is a must.

Nickle could be solved internally with options like Akeem King or Delano Hill, but it may be worth throwing some Rookies in the mix – there are some interesting prospects at the position.

For a full look at Defense and Special Teams, check out the article.

Special Teams

For the first time in years we can be truly confident in our specialists on Special Teams. Both our Punter and Kicker are coming off Pro-Bowl seasons and we have a long snapper who has a bunch of experience with the team and with both kickers.



A quick overview of the needs:




WR (if Baldwin retires it becomes high), G, DE, LB, S







A quick overview of what picks I think we would have ended up with in my scenario.

Round 1 – No. 15 overall

Round 1 – No. 30 overall

Round 2 – No. 37 overall

Round 2 – No. 41 overall

Round 3 – No. 71 overall

Round 3 – No. 77 overall

Round 3 – No. 84 overall

Round 3 – No. 90 overall

Round 4 – No. 115 overall

Round 4 – No. 124 overall

Round 4 – No. TBC

Round 5 – No. 159 overall

Round 6 – No. TBC

Round 7 – No. 255 overall



There needs both on offense and defense, but the draft – which is extremely lopsided towards the defense – makes it easier to draft your special talent in the defense first, before investing some high picks in the offense.

Considering the needs, picks and the 2019 draft class, I will now look at each position group (starting with those of need), before I make my final article on who the Seahawks should draft and where.

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