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Seattle decides to pay Wilson

So instead of distributing the money among many stars the Seahawks have opted to extend Wilson’s contract. If they win the Superbowl between now and 2023 then it will be hard to argue with the decision. If they do not then this could go down as a pivotal moment.

In my article about the Seahawks current squad I said that the Seahawks should trade Wilson and spread the money among their host of defensive stars that need to be extended: Clark, Reed and Wagner. It would have made the extensions easier and would have left more cap room over the next 4 years.

Now the Seahawks have to manage making Wilson the highest paid player in the league with their “team first”, “no one can rest on their laurels” and “always compete” mantra. There have always been rumors swirling around the team that Wilson gets preferential treatment, this contract won’t help. Especially if players like Wagner, Clark or Reed don’t get offered top-dollar contracts. And they can’t all; in the end something has to give.

I have to stress at this point that I am not against Wilson. He is a great QB, who can prolong plays and make great passes downfield. But we won the SB because of a great defense. He also often tries too hard to make something out of nothing and gets himself sacked, making it harder on the team and making the OL look bad. On top of that, the Seahawks play a type of football that doesn’t require a superstar QB. These points, along with the Cap hit and the internal problems that I think will arise, make the decision to extend Wilson in this way a bad one – long term and in regards to the rest of the team.

They stayed tough on All-World Earl Thomas, the exits of Richard Sherman and Bennett were also pretty unceremonious and even Wright wasn’t extended straight away. All of these look like tough moves, but they are moves that I respect because they were in keeping with “what is best for the team” and “not even the accomplished players can rest on what they have achieved: what is right now matters”. The Wilson contract does not fit this ethos.

I feel like the decision was Pro-Wilson rather than Pro-Team. But it is what it is and business resumes. Interestingly Clark tweeted about the Wilson extension with a pic of the two of them, but at the end of the day when you read it, it wasn’t very congratulatory.

Regardless of what has happened, I will continue my own draft coverage the way I have – assuming that Wilson got traded and not a contract with “no trade clause”. If nothing else, then in the long-term it will be interesting to see which is the smarter decision.

I will also probably do a quick post just before the draft on what I think the Seahawks should do with the picks they have in their current situation.

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