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Predicting the Seahawks roster following the 2019 draft [my draft edition]

As with the look at the real Seahawks squad following the draft, I will take a look at my roster now that the draft is completed. Initially I decided to keep the free agency pick ups, because they still make sense and changing this as well would unnessicarily complicate things. However, that gave me 92 players overall, where I can only have 90. The decision on who to cut was fairly easy:

  • Ansah – because if they had kept Clark they would have never needed to sign him
  • Hollister – because as much as I really like him, I do not think that they try to trade for a pass catching TE if they get Sternberger

Other noteable changes to the roster are the trades that I made in my scenario: Russell Wilson, Barkevious Mingo and Ethan Pocic. I also think that there are quite a few players on the roster who would make for interesting trade capital, now that there are new players on the roster.


Offence (25)

QB (2/3)

Lock, Jackson, Smith, Lynch

This would depend on how well Lock and Jackson do in the preseason. If they did well enough that I would trust them to back each other up I would be happy to cut both vets and have more depth somewhere else. However, the safe bet would be to have a vet on the squad, also due to performance.

RB (5)

Carson, Penny, McKissic, Barnes, Ingold (FB), Bellore (FB), Sutton, Scarbrough, Prosise

Carson and Penny are set. McKissic has so much value because he can be a returner, RB and WR. Barnes has a lot of potential to develop into the position vacated by Davis. Ingold has his spot safe as my preferred FB over Bellore. Prosise Just gets injured too much. Scarbrough isn’t dynamic enough to break into the group over Barnes. I know too little about Sutton right now to choose him over Barnes.

TE (2/3)

Dissly, Sternberger, Dickson, Vannett, Swoops, Johnson

Dissly is the no.1 TE. Sternberger comes in as my chosen TE2 who can both block and receive. Dickson is the surprise to slip out here. Dissly is the younger, better version, plus Sternberger and Fant can be the specialists who replace Dickson’s production in other, cheaper and potentially better ways. The only way I see him making the roster is over one of the WRs. I’m not a fan of Vannett, Swoops isn’t the level of the others and I know too little about Johnson at this point.

WR (4/5)

Lockett, Brown, Moore, Renfrow, Ferguson, Reynolds, Wright, Turner, Scott

Lockett, Brown and Moore are the new core in my eyes. Lockett is the speed, Brown and Moore your outside guys, but you can move all three around. Renfrow comes in as my premier slot. Ferguson and Reynolds battle it out for the 5th spot, but if neither show something special, they could revert to the PS and Dickson could get their slot – who they have an indirect battle with. I quite liked Turner last preseason, but he doesn’t make it beyond PS level for me.

OT (3/4)

Brown, Fant, Jones, Ifedi, Nkansah

Brown is a lock, as is Fant for his versatility with TE. Jones will have a battle with Ifedi for the RT spot. Long term Jones could become a starter at Tackle. If he doesn’t do so well in preseason this year then he could sit another season behind Ifedi, although I think the later could be a good trade piece.

OG (4/5)

Fluker, Simmons, Haynes, Risner, Iupati, Knox, Martin, Roos

I would project one of my rookies to beat out Iupati at starter next to Fluker, if both do well enough they could make the starting duo and render Iupati irrelevant. Either way Simmons is the backup guy for me.

C (1/2)

Britt, Hunt

As a total I would like to have 9 or 10 OLinemen in my squad. However, with the versatility of Risner, who has played C, I could go into the season with only one guy out of Britt and Hunt. The guard room is so solid that it could fill in for Risner without worry, should he in turn need to fill in at Center. Britt has been with the squad for a long time, but the question is whether his time has come to move on – he could make a valuable trade piece – and Hunt played at a high level replacing him last year. That would also continue the rejuvenation of the squad. We will see how training camp goes and then decide.


Defense (25)

DE (5/6)

Clark, Green, Burns, Daniels, Jones, Jefferson, Marsh, Jackson

Clark is the clear leader of this Unit and Green showed some promise last year prior to an underwehlming regular season. Burns makes the squad automatically as the first round pick who will have immediate impact. In Kahzin Daniels I want to take a chance on a rookie, over the veterans Marsh and Jackson.

Rather then being pure rushers, Jones and Jefferson are converted DTs who can set the edge but also have some rushing potential. Jones is the bigger talent while Jefferson is more experienced. If the Seahawks decide that some of the more talented rookie DTs like Hill or Saunders can play outide as well as in, Jefferson could lose his spot, maybe even Jones.

DT (4/5)

Reed, Ford, Hill, Saunders, Woods, Mone, Meder

Reed and Ford have the inside locked down. They will be a really exciting tandem for years to come. Hill and Saunders are both great inside, but have enough athleticism to flip to the outside as well. If they do, then the Seahawks could choose to hold on to another pure DT Like Woods (if they want a Vet) or Mone if they want a huge rookie.

Mike (2)

Wagner, Kendricks, Calitro

Wagner is the best player on the defense and needs to be resigned. Kendricks becomes his backup, but could also play as a 3rd LB in certain situations. Calitro filled in well last year, but also had a lot of mistakes. Due to his experience he could be a good trade piece.

Will (2)

Wright, BBK, Ellerbee, Currie

Wright is back for at least another year to make an awesome partnership with Bobby. BBK will learn behind him and become the new prototype for a Will LB with his excellent pursuit speed an tackling. At least one of the other two might make it onto the PS due to last year’s injury of Wright and the uncertainty around Kendricks.

Leo (2/3)

Griffin, Martin, Davis II

For some reason Griffin is still being looked at for the Will as well – which is good because it gives him the advantage of versatility as a non-starter – but where he is going to really shine this year is getting back into that stand-up rushing role from the outside, which he did so well at UCF and was completely ignored last year. Splitting snaps with him there will be Martin who is an excellent rusher himself, you might even see Burns out there. Davis is currently looking like the odd man out in this team, question is whether his versatility and LB experience give him a shot.

CB (5)

Griffin, Flowers, Moreland, Derrek Thomas, King, Thorpe, Simeon Thomas, Taylor, Reed, Davis, Boykins

Griffin and Flowers are the clear starters for the outside corner positions. Moreland is the guy who I would put in the slot against smaller guys and one of the safeties against bigger guys. Derrek Thomas is an uber-athlete who could become a great CB on the outside and I won’t chance letting him go.

My final spot goes to someone with versatility who can fill in both at CB and do a lot on Special Teams. Thorpe is limited because he only really does special teams. Thomas hasn’t shown enough on either side. For now my choice would probably go for King, because as well as having several plays on Special Teams, he also did a great job covering Travis Kelce in the Slot and has played outside corner well enough.

S (4)

McDougald, Redwine, Gardner-Johnson, Hill, Luani, Thompson, Harvey, Evans

McDougald is the silent leader of the secondary. Redwine will look to play the FS role and CDJ will come in either as a 3rd Safety in the slot, or he can cover both of the other positions if needed.

Similar to before, I want the 4th place to be for a guy who can both cover the other positions and contribute on special teams. Hill and Luani are the front runners in that situation, who could make it a two way battle because Thompson could be an interesting trade piece.


Special Teams

Kicker (1)


Should have been signed to that fat contract last year, instead we had Seabass…

Punter (1)


Best punter in the league.

LS (1)


Still doing his this and doing it well.



Practice Squad

It is too early to put names here, but I would probably try to get 2 WRs, 1 TE, 1 Tackle, 1 Guard, 1 DT, 1/2 LBs, 1/2 CBs and a Safety. I would also possibly look at adding a RB, but having 5 on the roster doesn’t make it a necessity.

Regarding the open spots on the PS I would not only consider those guys from my roster, but also the guys who I had on my lists as potential draft candidates in the previous years.



It will be interesting to see how all of these guys progress and then evaluate them before the roster cuts.




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