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Predicting the Seahawks roster following the 2019 draft [reality edition]

Following the Draft and my analysis of the Seahawks picks, I will now do a short preview of how I think the squad could look for the next season, before the pads go on.

I will do another post before the Seahawks make their final roster cuts and then we can look into more detail at how the individual players played with pads on, as well as what we were able to see in the preseason games.

For that reason, and because right now there isn’t too much to go on, I will keep my position evaluations short and somewhat open.


Offense (25)

QB (2)

Wilson, Smith, Lynch

After his contract extension Wilson is probably the most safe player on the squad. Smith and Lynch will have an exciting battle for who gets to back him up.

RB (4)

Carson, Penny, McKissic, Homer, Bellore (FB), Sutton, Scarbrough, Prosise

Carson and Penny are locks as the 1-2 punch. I think that McKissic should make it into the team due to his versatility and Homer is the 4th guy I would take as a replacement for Davis. The Seahawks might want to hold onto a fullback in Bellore or they may carry on with their hopeless quest to keep Prosise fit.

TE (2/3)

Dissly, Hollister, Dickson, Vannett, Swoops, Johnson

Dissly showed enough in limited time last season to warrant a roster spot as the clear no.1. Hollister is impressive and fills that pass-catching TE need that they did not manage to fill through the draft, but urgently need. Dickson is looking a bit on the bubble because you have Hollister as the catching specialist and Fant as an extra lineman, plus Dissly who can do both. I would still keep him as a backup for Dissly, but he might be the one who goes if the Seahawks decide to keep an extra RB or FB. The Hawks love Vannett for whatever reason, but he doesn’t fit in anymore.

WR (6)

Lockett, Metcalf, Jennings, Moore, Brown, Ursua, Reynolds, Ferguson, Wright, Turner, Scott

Like last year this is going to be an absolute battle royal. But I believe that – barring injury or anything of the sort – 5 of 6 places are already decided. The only one of the above which maybe has to worry is Jaron Brown, because the Hawks could create cap space by cutting him, and they do have a lot of young WRs and some great pass catching TEs. Personally I would keep Brown, because I think that he has a lot of potential to tap into.

OT (4)

Brown, Jones, Fant, Ifedi, Nkansah

If Jones shows enough do the Seahawks try to trade Ifedi? Who knows. I would. Apart from that the tackle group is set.

OG (4)

Fluker, Iupati, Simmons, Haynes, Knox, Martin, Roos

No surprises here either, unless there is an injury or Knox / Martin really do well, then this group is set.

C (2)

Britt, Hunt, Pocic

I only see Pocic getting a shot at center, not Guard and I don’t see him getting past either of the two in front of him. So again, unless someone gets injured or traded, I believe that Pocic could be a guy up to be traded himself. If they decide that they do want to keep Pocic on his cheap deal, then they could be looking at trading one of the other two.


Defense (25)

DE (6)

Collier, Green, Ansah, Martin, Jefferson, Jones, Marsh, Jackson

I think that this group is fairly set, with Jefferson and Jones joining the group of greens. That would give them speed in Martin, a true rusher in Ansah, two guys who can rush and set the edge in Collier and Green as well as two converted DTs who can really help tame an opponents run game, as well as having rushing skill. The problem is that I don’t know how the Seahawks see the DL group at this point before the pads go on, so I think that Marsh and Jackson still have a shot.

DT (3/4)

Reed, Ford, Woods, Christmas, Mone, Meder

The reason why both Jackson and Marsh have a shot is also linked to this position group. Reed and Ford are set, but then it depends on whether the Seahawks want to take 1 or two more guys behind them. There is a variety of guys, with the veteran Woods and rookies Christmas and Mone (who looks like an absolute beast). Also, Jefferson and Jones can kick inside to open a spot with the DEs. It is just really hard to evaluate pre-pads.

Mike (2)

Wagner, Barton, Calitro

This is quite easy, with all the gushing about Barton he will get the nod behind Wagner. Calitro filled in ok as a replacement LB last season, but he also showed big gaps in his game. Barton looks to be an immediate upgrade.

Will (2)

Wright, BBK, Ellerbee, Currie

I feel like BBK is the heir apparent to Wright following the end of the season and he himself could end up being a fan favorite as a former Huskie. I think that he is the embodiment of what will become the modern Will Linebacker with his speed. That is also why I don’t think the other two stand a chance.

Leo (2/3)

Griffin, Kendricks, Mingo

Griffin will finally get the chance to do what he is best at: rushing the passer. He is a torpedo and will get back into the groove of things and be awesome. Kendricks has the second spot locked down, but I have put him on orange due to his potential legal issues. That would open a spot up for Mingo, or he could make the roster regardless as a guy who can rush off the edge and because of his special teams skills.

CB (4/5/6)

Griffin, Flowers, King, Thorpe, Simeon Thomas, Derrek Thomas, Taylor, Reed, Davis, Boykins

This position group has the biggest variance in how many people will be in it for two main reasons: Slot and Special Teams. If the primary Slot guy ends up being one of the safeties (E.g. Amadi or Hill) then that knocks off one from this slot already.

Griffin and Flowers are safe as the starters. King and Thorpe got new deals and both can play special teams. However, regardless of his standing in the team (former ST captain), Thorpe may have an uphill battle due to the fact that special teams is all he can do really. King on the other hand can play CB, nickle (ask Kelce) and is great on special teams. On top of that he could probably help out at safety in a pinch, so I think his place is pretty safe.

Simeon and Derrek Thomas look like the prime candidates to back up at outside corner and both should bring some special teams acumen. Especially Derrek is a crazy athlete who I don’t see the Seahawks letting go.

That leaves Taylor and the others who will all be battling for that slot spot and otherwise could be easy cut candidates.

S (4/5)

McDougald, Blair, Amadi, Hill, Thompson, Luani, Harvey, Evans

McDougald is perhaps the only guy who is really safe in this group. I think that it is pretty hard to imagine Blair or Amadi being cut due to their draft status. That leaves Hill, Thompson and Luani fighting for the 4th spot – maybe there will be a 5th if the primary slot guy comes from this group.

All three have their positive and negative traits. Hill began to shine at the end of the season before he got injured. Thompson moves between great plays and head-in-hands plays. Luani is an all round solid player. And all three can play special teams, although Hill and Luani have shown the most there.


Special Teams

Kicker (1)


Went to the Pro Bowl last year. Should have been signed to that fat contract prior to last season, instead we had Seabass…

Punter (1)


Best punter in the league.

LS (1)


Still doing his this and doing it well.

Practice Squad

It is probably too early to talk abou the practice squad, but I presume that the Seahawks will try to keep 2 Linemen, 2 WRs, 1 RB, 1 DT, 1 LB, 2 CBs and 1 safety. Maybe they try to work a TE in there, but we will see how everyone does with pads on.



As mentioned at the start, this is just a quick evaluation. Seeing the guys without pads never really gives the most accurate picture. We will revisit it before the start of the season.


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