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Predicting the Seahawks roster 2019 after the preseason [reality edition]

For those who follow my blog, you will know that I split the draft process into 2 this year, once for the real seahawks, but mainly for what I would do.

Following the draft I then wrote an article on what my initial impressions out of the gate were for how I saw everyone on the team (one for the team I would have had following the draft and one for the real Seahawks roster). This article will focus on the real Seahawks team (link to the related earlier article here) and how I would put together their final 53, plus the 10 man practice squad (if it could only be put together from people on the current 90).

[NOTE: due to time constraints I cannot give a full reasoning behind each decision and will focus on those I think are the closest. I will try to do the full reasoning post cut]

So without further ado, here is what I would do:


Green – Final 53

Orange – close call

Grey – Practice Squad Candidate

Red – Cut


Offense (25)

QB (2)

Wilson, Smith, Lynch, JT Barrett

RB (4)

Carson, Penny, Homer, McKissic, Prosise, Turner, Scarbrough, Bellore (FB)

Homer over McKissic and Prosise due to special teams. Decision between McKissic and Prosise is difficult due to durability issues and big play potential. I fear the Seahawks will give Prosise another shot, if they keep McKissic too, one of the WRs make have a problem. My decision would be trade Prosise keep McKissic.

TE (3)

Dissly, Dickson, Hollister, Vannett, Saxon, Harris

Hollister is a bit of stretch to get the spot ahead of Vannett, who I do not like as a player but will find a way onto the team. I would take Dissly, Dickson and Hollister, because I like him in the pass game.

WR (7)

Lockett, Brown, Moore, Metcalf, Ursua, Ferguson, Jennings, Wright, Reynolds, Turner, Lewis, Murray

Strength in numbers to make sure Wilson has people to get the ball to. Wright impressed me more than Jennings but I feel like Jennings gets the spot due to the fact that he was a 5th rounder and they try to get Wright on the PS.

OT (4)

Brown, Jones, Fant, Ifedi, Nkansah, Holden, Wallace

OG (3)

Fluker, Iupati, Pocic, Simmons, Martin, Roos, Turner

Haynes (PUP), Knox (IR)

Pocic’s excellent play could push Simmons out, if he does stay then he becomes a placeholder until Haynes comes back. If they keep 3 then it opens up spots elsewhere, which is why my projection is 5 IOL.

C (2)

Britt, Hunt


Defense (25)

DE (6)

Collier, Green, Ansah, Martin, Jefferson, Marsh, Jackson, Mingo, Tago

Jackson turned it up in the last game, but is Marsh’s spot as the 6th guy and I think he is great. Bring on the Magic tournaments.

DT (3)

Ford, Woods, Mone, Meder, Mitchell, Tiuli

Reed (SUS)

Christmas (PUP), Jones (IR)

Jefferson is a converted DT and can fill in if there is a squeeze, so the Seahawks keep 3 until Reed comes back. Ford and woods are set, I think Mone is too much of a beast to miss out on and he becomes my third guy. Meder is good, but doesn’t have youth on his side and doesn’t bring anything as unique as Mone.

Mike (2)

Wagner, Barton, Johnson, Calitro

Will (2)

Wright, BBK, Young, Currie

Ellerbee (IR)

Leo (2)

Kendricks, Griffin

Maybe you could count Mingo into the run for this spot too, but he doesn’t make it past Griffin. BBK and Barton can also play here.

CB (5)

Griffin, Flowers, King, Shead, Thorpe, Thomas, Taylor, Boykins

Reed (IR)

quick note to dropping Taylor, he just did not impress me and think that a combo of King, Hill and Amadi can cover the nickle better.

S (5)

McDougald, Thompson, Blair, Hill, Amadi, Luani

The fourth preseason game felt like Luani knew it was coming the way he threw his weigth around. Really like the guy so it is a shame.


Special Teams

Kicker (1)


Punter (1)


LS (1)


As mentioned above, full breakdowns of the actual cutdown and answers to how I got to this roster will follow.

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