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FC Bayern 2020-2021

Winning the Triple was such a great way to end a difficult 2019-2020 season and is a testament to the mentality within the FCB squad. While some players remain from the 2013 Triple winning squad, this is a new generation, which is scarily hungry for success.

The heart of that new group is Kimmich. He is both an aggressive leader and a great technician who will dominate the center of the Bayern midfield for years to come. Around him, Bayern are building a unit of players who are more than just professional colleagues. The team spirit as a whole is on a really good level.

For the start of the new season, however, I anticipate that a few of the older players will leave – what a better way to finish than with the Triple – paving the way for new talents. Coutinho, Odriozola and Perisic have already left the club and the only one I anticipate Bayern inquiring after is Perisic. I have already done a post on this, here is the updated version with the changes I anticipate and I would make:


Neuer, Nübel, HofmannNeuer is the best goalie in the world, Nübel will try to learn behind him and Hofmann will be the goalie of the FCB II.

Früchtl – on loan to Nürnberg. Has the ambition to be the future Bayern no.1 if he gathers experience on loan until Neuer retires he could come back and surplant Nübel.

Ulreich – let go for free for being a fantastic professional all these years even when he didnt play much.


If we add the players I have mentioned there, I believe it potentially gives us the best defensive group in club football.


Davies – One of the best LBs in the world and will only get better. Focal point of the new younger Bayern, but would also do well in having a backup. Can also play winger if needed.

Aaron HickeyI would add Hickey. Fantastic player who can play both wingback positions. Moves and playes in a way that is far beyond his years. If he develops really well at LB he gives you the option of moving Davies to the winger position permanently. 1 – 5 mil – financed by the sale of Fein.


Alaba, Süle, Hernandez, Boateng  – I am sure it is only a matter of time before we complete the extension of Alaba’s contract and he will enter the next year as our defensive leader, as he was down the stretch this year. Süle will fill the shoes of Boateng, bringing a similar game and physical traits. Hernandez will be the backup CB for the left CB spot as well as being able to fill in as a LB at a high level. Boateng is old and saying goodbye with the triple would be a good way to go. However, we may have to wait with the transfer until the winter window following his injury. He also remains a high quality defender.

Bright Arrey-Mbi – should join from the second team and start to get a look in with the first team. Very talented young player.


Pavard – can be both a RB and a cover for the RCB position. His crosses in combination with Lewi are incredible and he has a cracking shot from outside the box. Add to that a winners mentality and he ends up being a player who has to be on the pitch.

Max AaronsAgressive, fast, attacking. Those are some of the words that come to mind with Aarons. He would be a great combo with Davies on the other side. The question is whether you plan with him or Pavard. Pavard is a really good RB who can bring great crosses and has a strong shot himself. Nonetheless I would invest in a this player who can be a strong backup at worst and a help on the wings too if needed. 15 – 20 mil – financed by the sales of Martinez (10 – 15 mil) and then some on top.



Kimmich, Nianzou – It is going to be hard to get Kimmich off the pitch next season, which is also a good thing because he is the type of player who will go to his limit in every game to win it. He is the ultimate competitor and driving force in midfield. He will be a focal point for the next generation at Bayern and in the Germany team. I used to think that he was more suited to the RB position, but he has shown, especially towards the end of the year, that he is out new agressive leader and pitbull in the center while having great finesse as well. Nianzou will join us as a young and flexible player for both the CB and CDM positions.

Martinez, Thiago, Fein – Sell for (10 – 15 mil), (30 – 40 mil), (1 – 5 mil). Martinez is old, Thiago wants a change and Fein doesn’t really fit into the squad unless they want more depth in midfield.

Angelo Stillershould join from the second team and start to get a look in with the first team. Very talented young player for both the CDM and CM positions.


Goretzka, Tolisso, CuissanceGoretzka has developed into a machine and the clear starter as a box-to-box midfielder, perhaps currently one of the best in the world. Tolisso is a strong backup when he is healthy, as is Cuissance who can also help out at the CDM position.


Müller – Has blossomed again under Flick and was one of the best players in the second half of the season. I think he will still be playing at the top of his game for a couple of years, but a worthy successor – one that can also give him breaks – needs to be found.

Kai HavertzThis is probably the least likely of my mentioned transfers. We are looking at 100 mil – financed by the sale of Thiago (30 – 40 mil), plus win of Champions League and Festgeldkonto. For a club that is reasonable with their spending, that is a lot of money especially in corona times. What we are more likely to see is the signing of Perisic for under 20 mil. However, I would say that getting Havertz would be a stroke of genius. He is one of, if not the, most talented youngster in Europe, who has shown that he can handle pressure and produce at a high level internationally. His movement and work ethic is sublime and a midfield trio with Kimmich and Goretzka would have Bayern set for a generation. You add to that the position flexibility he brings (CAM, LW, RW, ST) and it is almost a must buy.



Gnabry, Coman, Sane – A great set of three wingers, all of whom can play on the right and left wing. Gnabry was in outstanding form last season and is only getting better. Coman is perpetually injured but can come off the bench in one of games and make an impact. I don’t think that he can be the full time LW though. Sane is probably the best aquisition (especially when you consider the price at 45 mil) of any team this season. To get a player of his quality for that little is almost criminal. He will take over the left wing from Coman, because he has the drive to be a winner that the frenchman lacks. If needs be Bayern can also play Davies on the wings (he can also play both sides.


Lewandowski, Zirkzee – Lewandowski is in the type of form, which has him earmarked as one of the best players in the world. If he does not win the Balon D’or I would be very surprised. Zirkzee still has a lot to learn, but also has an incredible amount of talent and could be the heir-aparent to Lewi.


This squad leaves a spine of older starters in the squad – Neuer, Alaba, Müller and Lewandowski – who can almost guarantee you a certain level of success while the younger players around them mature.

The big thing going into the 2020/2021 season is having 2 people at every position as well as players who can play multiple positions. There are going to be so many games as well as a Euro Championship next summer, so the players have to be kept fit and there will need to be a certain amount of rotation. These would be the teams:


First team

No real surprises here, this is the squad which performed so well down the stretch and in the Champions League, taken to the next level through the addition of Sane.


Pavard – Süle – Alaba -Davies

Kimmich – Goretzka

Gnabry – Müller – Sane


Second team

The relatively young and cheap additions of Nübel (Free), Nianzou (free), Hickey (1 – 5 mil) are all depth options which need to develop. Aarons will cost a bit more at 20 mil + and could rotate into the starting lineup, especially against teams who struggle with speed. Havertz would be the crown jewel at 100 mil and would definitely rotate in at the offensive positions.

You will also see that I have only lined up one winger, this is because Davies could play here, but also Havertz, with Cuissance or Stiller being added to the midfield.


Aarons Boateng/Arrey-Mbi – Hernandez Hickey

Nianzou/Stiller – Tolisso/Cuissance

Havertz Coman



As I said, this would be a generational team, set up for the coming years with little breaks and lots of games. You would only ever need to make adjustments, no big changes. That is why I believe they need to invest in these players now.

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