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NFL Draft 2019 – Position Analysis DB

Corner, like RB, is something I waited for until day 3 because the Seahawks just don’t have a high need there. Even nickle, where they lost Coleman could be – adaqualtely, not greatly – filled by the likes of Akeem King or Delano Hill. Or lets throw a curveball here: what about Griffin with a 3rd position change in 3 years and Simeon Thomas on the other perimeter. There are a lot of options so this just didn’t feel like a need any higher. To be honest, I wouldn’t consider taking a CB before the 5th or 6th round (if i’m extremely excited about a guy). Otherwise I’m only really look at this in Free agency.


4th – 7th Round talent

Isaiah Johnson – 6′ 2″ – 208 lbs – 33” – 8 3/4” – Houston

Excellent size and measurables, with only his hand size not above the 90th percentile. All of his drills were also above average and he flashed at the Senior bowl. Has the experience of having been a WR. Has special teams potential. Might take a couple of years before he is ready to start as a corner. I think that he will be taken in the 4-5th round, which is too early for me.

Derrek Thomas – 6′ 3″ – 189 lbs – 33 3/4” – 10” – Baylor

Once again, excellent size and measuables, with only his weight not above the 95th percentile. He does have those 95th percentile hands. He also has a broad jump over 90% and a vert over 85%. His 40 was strong with the 73rd percentile – fast for such a big guy – but thoroughly unexciting was his bench press falling as low as the 6th percentile. Projected in the 6-7th round, but I just don’t know if I would be willing to risk it on the athletics. As a UDFA he would be high prio.

Jimmy Moreland – 5’10” – 179 lbs – FCS

Small school kid who it is hard to find a lot of information on. He doesn’t have the size or length to be a typical Seahawks corner, but I really like him. He has a tough mentality, ball skills, speed down the field, a high football IQ and great movement. He has everything to make a really good slot corner in my opinion and those can be a premium. If I can work him into my draft I would potentially jump on this guy higher than I need to and take him as early as the 5th. I think that realistically he is more of a 6th – 7th round guy thougn, if not a free agent.


Possible Safety to CB Converts

Marvell Tell – 6′ 2″ – 198 lbs – 33 1/8” – 9 3/4” – USC

Ok so this guy is exciting from an athletic standpoint. measuables (besides weight) in the high 80s (height and hand size), and early 90s (arm length and wingspan). BUT that’s not enough. His Vert Jump, Broad Jump, 3-cone and 20 yard shuttle were also ALL above the 90th percentile! Having that guy on the team could be exciting, but there are also a couple of concerns. He doesn’t have the physicality as a tackler you would like and the urgency is missing too. Still I think he could be an interesting convert at the next level and I think someone will jump on him mid Day 3 if not upper Day 3. Bit too high for me though.



  • Lonnie Johnson – 6′ 2″ – 213 lbs – 32 5/8” – 9 1/8” – Kentucky. Had him as a 2nd rounder because of ball skills and size. Stood out at the Senior Bowl and Combine and the Texans got a great guy.



I’m quite high on the group of DBs that the Seahawks have and don’t see any need to overdraft. I’m pretty keen on Moreland in the late rounds and there are some hyper-athletic big measurable guys there too. I just wouldn’t go that early on a CB. In an ideal situation we get Moreland in the 7th or as a FA.

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