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2019 NFL Draft Day 2 – Summary

Day 2 is where the fun begins as the picks come in faster. The biggest needs have started to be filled and some sleepers can start to be picked up. I was actually super happy because I managed to pick up most of the players that I wanted and even got some upgrades at a couple of spots.


2nd – 3rd Round Picks

Round 2 – No. 37 overall – Trysten Hill (DT)

I get my top day 2 DT. nothing more to be said.

Round 2 – No. 41 overall – Drew Lock (QB)

The hardest choice of the draft so far. I get my top QB… oh wait curveball! Both Grier and Lock are still available when I am on the clock. I have spoken a lot about Grier, but Lock – who I had a first round draft grade on – is hard to pass on because of the personality and big arm. Grier is more of a quite leader and has consistency over the top, but may not have the arm talent to be as successful as Lock at the next level. My gut feeling just tells me that this is a great bargain and that Lock is a guy who will come in and try to assert himself.

Round 3 – No. 71 overall – Jace Sternberger (TE)

Josh Oliver has just been taken a couple of picks ago and I am itching to get the only other TE who I really want. Oliver has the higher upside, but Sternberger is probably the safer option.

Round 3 – No. 77 overall – Ben Burr-Kirven (LB)

I get my 2nd best LB. After missing out on Bush I didn’t want to miss on him. Compared to where he will go in the draft this might be a big overdraft, but longterm he may prove a lot of people wrong.

Round 3 – No. 84 overall – Khalen Saunders (DT)

Isabella, my guy for this spot and the top rated WR that I wanted to draft – not as highly graded as others, but compared to where I wanted to pick WR he was my guy – gets picked up by the same team who picked up my highest pickable player last year in Christian Kirk: Arizona Cardinals, with the pick they got for trading Rosen.

So I look at the board and the choice is Redwine or Saunders. DT is a higher need for me and a lot of talent has already gone off the board – including my other day 2 guy in Dre’mont Jones. Safety still has a lot of options which means that Redwine may still be available with my next pick. It just makes sense to go with DT and be able to close the book on DT for the draft.

Round 3 – No. 90 overall – Chauncey Gardner-Johnson

WR seems like a good choice seeing as a lot of good guys have already gone off the board. I think that Renfrow will still be there on Day 2 and give me the chance to double dip.But the problem is that there is just no other guy to pick above him. He will be a high prio in round 4.

Will Grier is still on the board at this point, which means that I am not overdrafting on Jackson.

Safety is also a position group that has depth ahead of Redwine, so while I am high on him, it doesn’t make sense to overdraft him. So who does my choice go to: one of those guys before him, an absolute Alpha personality Chauncey Gardner-Johnson.



First of all lets address the two biggest needs: QB and DL. I was able to get my top 2 DTs in this range and have locked down that position for the rest of the draft. There is another guy in Daylon Mack who is quite interesting on Day 3, but the great position is that I don’t need him, he becomes a nice to have.

I also managed to get an upgrade at what I thought I would have at QB. While I like how solid Grier is, Lock’s availability here was not in the picture for me, because I had him as a top 15 pick. Really happy about that. I do want to get another QB though to add to the mix, it is not a must if he is not available, but Jackson is a talent who I would like to pick up on Day 3.

I also managed to lock down the TE position, after narrowly missing out on Josh Oliver – who just had the edge on Sternberger in my rankings – I was really happy that I could get Jace and also close that position group down.

LB is also locked down for me. I got my guy and since Okereke was taken by the Colts in the 3rd round also I have no more prospects I am interested in for day 3.



All in all, I am very happy with how it all went. I was able to lock down the two positions where I had mid need and not a lot of guys that I liked in TE and LB. In my highest areas of need I got my favourite guys at DT and even got an upgrade at QB in Drew Lock. Both positions still have some interesting guys on Day 3 so I’m not shutting them down just yet. Then with my last pick on Day 2 I got an Alpha for the secondary in Gardner-Johnson, but we know that I still have a Satefy that enjoys top priority for me in the next round so this is far from over.



So what dis the Seahawks do with their day 2? They continued to move down and picked the following players in the process:

Round 2 – No. 47 overall – Marquise Blair (S)

I’m going to stay reserved on this guy, because I feel like the Seahawks are very boom or bust with DBs, especially when you compare the LOB picks (Shermann, Chancellor, Thomas), with the later picks that were not so great (Hill, Thompson) to the most recent that were coming back to a top standard (Griffin, Flowers). So I will do some research before I judge this pick.

Round 2 – No. 64 overall – D.K. Metcalf (WR)

Everyone knows about Metcalf, he is an athletic freak. But he is also a straight line guy and there are questions about how his body – with so little fat – will handle contact at the next level. I would get him doing some yoga and a little less weights. What I do love though is that when Carroll called him one of the first things he said was along the lines of “why did you wait so long [to draft me]”. He is coming in with a chip on his shoulder and if he puts that together with his athletic gifts, some more route variation and Russell Wilson then NFL beware.

Round 3 – No. 88 overall – Cody Barton (OLB)

Cody who? he is a solid backup from a college athlete family who played both LB positions. In my eyes he doesn’t have any eliteness to his play though, he doesn’t diagnose particulary fast, his change of direction isn’t too exciting (even though he had a good 3 cone). I like his burst at times and he communicates well before the snap, but in my eyes that is a big overdraft. I will have to look in more depth at him after the draft to try and see what the Seahawks did. As a side note, I think that Okereke (OLB) would have been a better choice and he wen a pick later – of course Burr-Kirvin is my top choice but he is more ILB.

At first glance it’s thoroughly unspectacular. Metcalf is perhaps the best of the 3, but even he has red flags, yet they needed to address WR. I’m also surprised that they have not yet addressed the interior of either OL or DL, both still have interesting guys in the next round though. i was also sure that they would look at TE early, but a big bodied receiver like Metcalf also makes sense.


Now I will move on to look at who to draft on Day 3.

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