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2019 NFL Draft Day 3 – Projection

As I said before this is the favourite part of the draft for me with the 3rd round. There is a little more seperation on where teams see players which makes it highly unpredictable and that’s why you will see below that my choices are a little more flexible.

What needs are there for these rounds:

Locked down: TE, LB

Nice to have: DT, QB, OL, DE, CB

Still need: WR, S, RB

So let’s get right into it.

To recap here are the articles in prep for the draft:

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Then I analysed the different position groups according to guys who I would draft:


Defensive Tackle





Wide Receiver

Tight End

the new additions for day 3:

Running Back


then we have the draft articles so far:

2019 NFL Draft Day 1 – Projection

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So now lets look at who may go off the board next.


The Player Grades

Pos. Round
4 5 6 7
QB Tyree Jackson, Ryan Finley Gardner Minshew
DT Daylon Mack
OL Phil Haynes, Hjalte Froholdt
WR Hunter Renfrow Jazz Ferguson, Terry Godwin, Kelvin Harmon
S Sheldrick Redwine Jaquan Johnson
DE Justin Hollins Jamal Davis, Kahzin Daniels
CB Isaiah Johnson, Jimmy Moreland Marvell Tell
RB Alex Barnes, Alec Ingold, Tony Pollard Myles Gaskin

The Selection Process

  • Round 4 is pretty easy because I have 3 guys that I want and 3 picks to get them.
  • Round 5 has some interesting options too, but from here I am not filling needs, but picking up guys that I really like.
  • Round 6 is for picking up any guys that might have dropped or to start looking at the RB specialists, same goes for round 7


The Picks


  • As a quick reminder the TBC* picks represent trades
  • since I did not specify to what team, I will just give myself the same picks of the Seahawks, because they also have 3 4th rounders and a 6th rounder so there is a good comp.


Round 4 – No. 115 overall – Sheldrick Redwine (S) / Hunter Renfrow (WR) / Tyree Jackson (QB)

Deciding on the order for my round 3 guys was pretty difficult. Fact is that Redwine is one of my favourite players in the draft and I can’t let him fall further. That being said, if a run on QBs or WRs starts I could be inclined to take one of the others first.

Round 4 – No. 124 overall – Sheldrick Redwine (S) / Hunter Renfrow (WR) / Tyree Jackson (QB)

My thought on Renfrow as the second option is that a reliable WR for a new QB is more important than a backup QB with huge upside. Again, there would be a lot of felxibility here for me depending on what is getting picked at the beginning of the round.

Round 4 – No. TBC* (132 overall) – Sheldrick Redwine (S) / Hunter Renfrow (WR) / Tyree Jackson (QB)

Tyree jackson is my thrid choice for the 4th round. Huge upside and he seems like a great guy. I think he would be both a guy who accepts a backup role but wants to be the first guy. Very good developmental prospect.

Round 5 – No. 159 overall – Phil Haynes (OL) / Jimmy Moreland (CB)

If I miss out on any of my favourite 3 above one of these guys might float up a round. Phil Haynes is the first option due to the value of OL. Moreland is an intriguing guy who could be my only CB pickup in this draft, if he is still available he would also be an option for the next pick.

Round 6 – No. TBC* (209 overall) – Option / Best Available / RB

Option means that I’m looking at who is available from earlier on in my draft board.

Best available also comes in here, because there are always guys who drop.

RB specialists also become interesting here with Barnes, Ingold and Pollard as the interesting options.

Round 7 – No. 255 overall – Option / Best Available / RB

Same as above, but I would have to check to see who I want to grab before Free Agency. Khazin Daniels is a guy who I would be interested in here.



The Seahawks have the following picks.

Round 4 : No. 114 , 124 , 132 overall

Round 5: No. 142 overall

Round 6: No. 209 overall

I have been disapointed with them so far, but I still think that DE, DL and TE need to be picked. OL should be a definite pick. DB is also always an option. RB could be interesting late.

I also think that they will trade back some more to get a couple of picks.

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