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2019 NFL Draft Day 2 – Projection

So Day One was exciting with us picking up Brian Burns and Dalton Risner in my draft. Day 2 is where we move from “best available” to filling needs and there are a lot of exciting players in this part of the draft.

To recap here are the articles in prep for the draft:

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Seahawks pre-draft analysis [part 2] Defence and Special Teams

Seahawks pre-draft analysis [part 3] Picks and Moves

Seahawks pre-draft analysis [part 4] Needs

Then I analysed the different position groups according to guys who I would draft:


Defensive Tackle





Wide Receiver

Tight End

then we have the two draft articles so far:

2019 NFL Draft Day 1 – Projection

2019 NFL Draft Day 1 – Summary

So now lets look at who may go off the board next.


The Player Grades

Position Round
2 3
QB Will Grier Ryan Finley, Tyree Jackson
DT Trysten Hill Dre’mont Jones, Khalen Saunders
OL Jawaan Taylor
TE Jace Sternberger, Josh Oliver
WR Parris Campbell Andy Isabella, Hunter Renfrow
S Chauncey Gardner-Johnson Sheldrick Redwine
DE Jachai Polite
LB Ben Burr-Kirven

The Selection Process


  • My top two positional needs are still needs. I wanted to get Simmons with the second pick in the first round, but missed out on my favourite DT. DT now becomes a priority.
  • I feel like I can get a QB a little later so QB is the second hottest need to pick, also because there are no outstanding guys who I was aiming for here. On the other hand because I already have a OL and Savage is gone, I’m happy to draft him in the 2nd round. Grier is the first choice, Jackson a priority day 3 guy who I would be happy slipping into the 3rd round.
  • TE is the next highest need, but could be selected high in the 3rd round. If I miss on one of top two options I’m comfortable taking one of my two options instead.
  • Gardner-Johnson will be worth taking if he drops to the 3rd round, simply because he has the personality to be great. Redwine is a high prio day 3 and a guy who I would take if my other players are off the board.
  • LB Burr-Kirven may be available early in day 3, but I’m not going to risk it because no other LB comes close to how much I like him and I didn’t get Bush. SO round 3 is just fine.
  • WR becomes interesting middle to late round 3, Isabella is a guy I am aiming for. Renfrow is a priority day 3 guy who I would look at in round 3 also.
  • i didn’t get either of my priority positions in the first round, but instead managed to close 2 positions until day 3: OL and DE.
  • similarly CB and RB are not interesting until day 3, because the starters are there.


The Picks

Round 2 – No. 37 overall – Trysten Hill

one of my top 3 DTs and one of my top 2 needs. Dangerous to let him drop further.

Round 2 – No. 41 overall – Will Grier

very happy to take my top rated QB here.

Round 3 – No. 71 overall – Josh Oliver / Jace Sternberger

I really want a play-making TE. Oliver is my first choice, but I would definitely not be sad if I get Sternberger. I need to get one of these two though, because I’m not excited about anyone else left. Sure Irv Smith Jr is an exciting guy, but for me he is a 1st-2nd round talent. The first is over and I have other plans for the 2nd.

Round 3 – No. 77 overall – Ben Burr-Kirven

I’m just so high on this guy that I’m happy to get my LB and overdraft, rather than miss out on him. pretty much closes that group too, unless Okereke is available in a good place.

Round 3 – No. 84 overall – Andy Isabella

Isabella is my guy here, even if I prefer Renfrow. But Renfrow should be available in the 4th round at least.

Round 3 – No. 90 overall – Sheldrick Redwine / Khalen Saunders / Tyree Jackson / Hunter Renfrow

With this pick I want to highlight three of the most exciting players for day 3. I would be happy to draft any one of them early. Redwine is my first option because he is special. Period. Saunders also has a really unique skill set and would be an option if I don’t get Hill. Depending on how the draft goes I might also be tempted to take Saunders, because there may be more safeties still available, meaning that Redwine has a higher likelihood to be available in the 4th. Tyree Jackson has a lot of upside, but like Renfrow I would wait for him in the 4th, where I currently have 3 picks.


The Unpicked Players

All of these guys are high quality alternate options if some of my targets don’t turn around like I want.

2nd Rounders

So there are 2 guys with a second round grade left for me in Parris Campbell and Chauncey Gardner-Johnson. Taylor theoretically also has a grade there, but he drops to a 3rd round grade due to the selection of Risner.

Campbell is another alternative to Isabella, both are fast, but Isabella is tougher and has better route-running, while Campbell is more elite athletically.

Gardner-Johnson has a special personality and worth taking in the 3rd round as an alternate to anyone I miss on.

2 Positions with no Day 2 need

The title says it all really. I took DE and OL in round one and do not need to double dip, plus Jawaan Taylor (medical) and Jachai Polite (personality) each come with red flags.

The Safe Backup Choices

With QB and DT being the highest needs, it makes sense to me to have some really solid options ready in case your first options do not work out. If Hill is gone before I pick him, I wouldn’t default to Dre’mont Jones, but instead would go for Grier. Then Jones become the no. 41 pick. Ryan Finley is a decent player, who I could wait until the 3rd round for and would get my TE instead.


A final word

The 2nd – 5th rounds of this draft are the most exciting for me in this draft. Especially the 3rd and 4th hold some of my favourite players int his draft. So I’m excited about the next 48 hours.

Tonight I am going to enjoy my evening before I sleep and then do the CB and RB articles tomorrow as well as a followup on Day Two and the preview of Day Three.



Seahawks have 2 picks on day 2 in Round 2 no. 37 overall and Round 3 no. 92 overall. I think that the Seahawks may look to trade down again to generate some more picks around the 3rd-4th round area. The highest need is DT but I have a feeling that they might try to fill it later on in the 3rd-4th round unless they are really high on someone in particular. I believe that they might go TE high as well and might look to add a WR. Some names like Irv Smith Jr. and Parris Campbell could float around. Also Jace Sternberger (TE) in the 3rd. A long shot to keep an eye on is Chauncey Gardner-Johnson (S) for that Alpha in the secondary, or Juan Thornhill (S) if they want an athletic monster.

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