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2019 NFL Draft Day 1 – Projection

It is day 1 of the NFL draft. I still have to publish articles on the RBs and the CBs, but don’t think that the Seahawks will draft either in the first round so I will post those before Day 2 of the draft. Also, for my draft they are not interesting until probably day 3.


To recap here are the articles in prep for the draft:

Seahawks pre-draft analysis [part 1] Offense

Seahawks pre-draft analysis [part 2] Defence and Special Teams

Seahawks pre-draft analysis [part 3] Picks and Moves

Seahawks pre-draft analysis [part 4] Needs


Then I analysed the different position groups according to guys who I would draft:


Defensive Tackle





Wide Receiver

Tight End


So in my draft scenario the Seahawks end up trading down in the first round from Round 1 No. 6 overall and Round 1 No. 21 overall to Round 1 – No. 15 overall and Round 1 – No. 30 overall, picking up multiple picks in the coveted later rounds. This is what I would do with those picks.


Pick 15 overall

My number one choice for the 15th overall pick would be: Linebacker  Devin Bush. Having elite talent alongside Wagner is a great move going forward with questionmarks around Wright beyond the season.

If he is not available, then the following two would be the next in line for me: DE / EDGE Brian Burns or Rashan Gary. It is such an elite position and at this place in the draft you rarely get such high level talent.

If none of those are available I look at what is the best available and compare it with my options for the 30th pick – probably choosing one of my next two.


Pick 30 overall

I don’t think that any of the guys above will be available at 30 (Fant might be), but the following two should be: DL Jeffery Simmons or OL Garrett Bradbury. If there are no issues Simmons is a top 10 if not top 5 talent to get that at the end of the 1st round I’m going for it, I have already explained why I do not have an issue with his selections in my DT post. Bradbury is an elite talent and improving the OL early in the draft should always be a priority.

If none of these are available I would again assess best available and compare it to the other OL prospects before deciding who to pick.



My draft

The first round is always the most unpredictable in my eyes where “best available” takes higher precedence over roster need. I think that the 5 guys who I have narrowed it down to all have elite traits, which makes them legit 1st round talents. Of course there are many others too, but these guys both fit the Seahawks and could be available around the draft picks where I have listed them.


In reality the Seahawks have the 21st and the 29th picks. I know that those are probably not the two picks they will end up with. I would prioritise DE, because now the Seahawks have a need there and there is a big dropoff after the first round. At 21 there might not be exactly the option left that the Seahawks want, on the other hand more teams will trade up for QBs than need to which will push talent down. Brian Burns and Rashan Gary are my favourite two for the Seahawks. The other main position of need is DT, but there is good depth to pick up high quality in the later rounds. Other areas that need addressing can also be looked at later. I think that beside DT, OG and TE are other day 2 priorities. LB is also important.



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