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NFL Draft 2019 – Position Analysis TE

My big prediction: Seahawks will go higher on TE than people think, probably higher than WR. Why? because the Seahawks have a good WR corps that has really good chemistry with Wilson. They started to rebuild the TE position with Dissly last year and now they need a playmaker to compliment that position alongside Dissly and Dickson. In my eyes Vannett and Swoops just don’t cut it. An upgrade is needed. Before day 2 is over, I think that the Seahawks will have a new, primarily receiving, TE.


2nd – 3rd Round talent

Noah Fant – 6′ 4″ (height) – 249 lbs (weight) – 33 1/2” (arms) – 9 3/4” (hands) – Iowa

Athletic traits are off the charts, his percentiles look like this: 60 Yard Shuttle (91st), 3 Cone (95th), Broad Jump (95th), 40 Yard Dash (96th), Vertical Jump (97th). To go along with that he has above average arms and wingspan.

Looking at his tape you see a few too many drops and his seperation is often due to speed and scheme, not good routes. Nonetheless, for an offense that looks to take the top off and could utelise gaps at many layers like the Seahawks he could be a very interesting prospect. He is also a great mismatch against LBs due to athleticism.

He is projected by many as a round 1 guy. If he had better hands I would agree, but he is a 2nd round guy for me.

Jace Sternberger – 6′ 4″ – 251 lbs – 32 1/8” – 9 3/4” – Texas A&M

None of the elite athletic traits, but you can see him run routes very well – especially up the seem and in traffic, but he can be moved around – and his hands seem really soft, he just takes it in his stride. He is a catch and run guy, not someone who catches and secures to the ground straight away. Will run over people.

Needs a lot of improvement at blocking, but he is willing and we have Dissly, Dickson and if needs be Fant for that. One thing I like is that he gets to the second level and sets some blocks there on DBs and Linebackers.

Clearly the Seahawks like him because they had a top 30 meet. He is projected in to go in rounds 3-4. I would make sure to take him on day 2, and the upper half of the 3rd round seems right.

Josh Oliver – 6′ 5″ – 249 lbs – 33 1/2” – 10 3/4” – San Jose State

Let’s just start by saying he has a ridiculous hand size, 95th percentile among TEs. 50/50 balls just seem to stick to those hands. He tracks the ball well in the air and has the flexibility to get balls all around his frames. He had teams all over him because he saw a lot of action, but made the catches in traffic. Will try to make people miss and get YAC. Has a great route tree.

He lacks a mean streak and has problems blocking, but he has a great character and was highly regarded in his team. But as with the two before, that is not what he is being drafted for. He has been projected to go in round 5, but I believe that he is worth a much higher selection in early day 3 or maybe even slipping into late day 2.



Of all the positions groups it was hardest to find someone I was really keen on and I needed to dig deep into the tape. I wanted someone in the 2nd or 3rd round and the guys above seemed the most appropriate.

In an ideal situation we would chose Sternberger or Oliver in the 3rd round. I really like both and would consider double dipping if we decided to get rid of Dickson and have Dissly and Fant as blocking guys with Sternberger and Oliver as the receiving guys. If I really had to choose one, my gut tells me Oliver because of those elite hands.



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