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NFL Draft 2019 – Position Analysis RB

I have waited with this post until the start of day 3, because I don’t even know if the Seahawks will take a RB this year. Why would they? They have Carson and Penny, both of who can do it all and then McKissic and Scarbrough in supporting roles. It will just not make much sense to pick up a RB. On the other hand, here are some talents who could be available in the late rounds an fill two minimal needs: Fullback (Tre Madden’s position) or 3rd down back (Davis’ role).


4th – 7th Round Talent

Alex Barnes – 6′ 0″ – 226 lbs – 31” – 10” – Kansas State

3rd down back with huge upside. Good Receiver and can make YAC because he is hard to take down. Patient gliding motions with plus movement in traffic that I really like. His long distance speed isn’t so exciting though and I’m not 100% decided on whether he has good vision or just had good lanes, because he played behind an solid and experienced OL. Another slight knock is that he doesn’t finish hard. I would be happy to consider him in the 6th round, but he is projected to go higher.

Myles Gaskin – 5′ 9″ – 205 lbs – 29 1/2” – 8 3/4” – Washington

Undersized, but a physical runner with good Long Speed and burst. He has big legs and a low center of gravity. Can finish hard and fights through contact. Also has the plus hands
that I want from a 3rd down back. Is projected to go in the 6th, I wouldn’t consider him before the 7th.

Alec Ingold – 6′ 1″ – 242 lbs – 31 1/2” – 9 5/8” – Wisconsin

Blocking beast. High school wrestling champ. Could fill that Fullback position for the Seahawks and he is an awesome guy. Might still be available as an UDFA because the position is not very highly valued, but I would take him in the 7th if we still have some capital.

Tony Pollard – 6′ 0″ – 210 lbs – 30” – 9 1/2” – Memphis

Hybrid RB/WR with good hands, plus speed and excellent at working through traffic. He is an excellent kick returner who could take a load off Lockett, especially if Baldwin retires. Projected to go in the 6th or 7th round, depending on how the draft goes, I would be happy to take him in the 7th. If he becomes a FA then he is a priority.


Jordan Scarlett – 5′ 11″ – 208 lbs – 30 3/8” – 8 7/8” – Florida

Does not go down. Tough runner. Just not exactly what I am looking to pick because his hands are terrible. May be worth picking up in FA if he drops due to character concerns.

James Williams – 5′ 9″ – 197 lbs – 30 3/8” – 9 1/4” – Washington State

Another undersized back who could fill the 3rd spot. He is electric and elusive with good hands. Responds well to tacklers rather than relying on the people around him to get him space. Should be an UDFA and could be an interesting pick up.



Lets be honest here. The Seahawks shouldn’t be looking for more RBs. spending high on a 3rd down option is also silly. A late rounder for a specialist like Ingold makes the most sense to me, but it might be worth waiting until the Free Agency on him.

Some of the other UDFA guys might be fun to bring in as competition for camp. Especially because I am not sold on Scarborough and especially Scarlett would have te potential to take his job.

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